Sunday, 13 September 2020

Video: My Kids are my Strength , not my weakness!

Aarish Turns 3 and am thankful for all who supported me to raise him in conducive environment. 
Thanks to all negative forces too, who kept resonating to me that second child will be weakness for my existence. Hence I Noway see My Kids either of them as weakness, they are my strength making me strong each day passing by. 

My Bundle of Joy is turning 3 on 14th September 2020. I can t thank enough to who all has been my strength to raise him with happiness and positivity, biggest thanks to my Dad who has always been there for him more than a grandfather. Dad also played role of Naani too, am sure mom will be happy witnessing this special bond.

Thanks to all moms who hosted this surprise Baby shower. Thanks for helping me sail through my most difficult time with the smile. 😍

Video Courtesy: Preeti Balan
Venue: ArtBlendCafe
Host: All wonderful mommies
Organizers: Ashwini and Prateeti

Love you all,

Watch Video: Celebrating 5 years of Connecting Moms with RJ Snigdha | 2018

Throwback: "Five Years of Connecting Moms" By MomzSpace

Yes, we are turned 5 on 26th January 2018, for which Nidhi Pathak (Founder of MomzSpace) is hosted a private Momzmeet with the key members the community. Thanks a bunch to Deepti Mahesh for hosting us at KydzAdda making momz as well kids at their best moods. The event is all about celebrating moms's individuality who has contributed to form of this dynamic mother community.

Here is a quick short video of the celebration, featuring RJ Snigdha as the Guest of Honour for our 5th Anniversary celebration (Five years of Connecting Moms) at KydzAdda on 21st January 2018. This is recorded video of FB Live on the day of celebration. Know more about the event - Meet Soul of the Event: RJ Snigdha :