Sunday, 13 May 2018

Beyond Being Mom: Rupal Ralph

 Getting To Know Rupal Ralph A Little Better!

We, Momzspace love to interact and know about each other. This helps the community to stay connected and bonded to each other. All of us come from different walks of like, but under Momzspace, we are like a big happy family.

Each member is unique, so strive to know them better as an individual and take a sneak peek into their lives.

This week on TELL ME MORE, we have Rupal Ralph taking to us about herself and tidbits of her life. Today is Rupal's birthday and what better than to know her more as a person and things we never knew.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I belong to Gujarat, happily married to Ralph and have two adorable kids, Ryan and Risa. A postgraduate lawyer working towards eco-friendly solutions and presently working as product executive in Chie media.

A few of your favourite things as a childAs a child, I was always inspired by Rajni serial on dd and always wanted to be like her and that is what I do today.

As an individual, what has been your greatest achievement and your biggest regret?
 My biggest achievement is managing time, multitasking my professional, social and family life. My biggest regret is that I have so much to do but have little time.

In the journey of motherhood, what things do you do or want to do differently from what your parents had done as parents?

My kids are more independent than I was at their age. I want to raise them more independent and want them to find their own ways to solve their problems rather than always look upon me like I do today also.

Your biggest fear as a mother...
My kids falling sick because of my carelessness
One thing that you want to change in your life and Why?

I want to have a sustainable lifestyle with eradicating what is not necessary and have a healthy lifestyle for my kids and husband.

3 words to describe what family means to you

The whole universe <3

Your best experience being a part of Momzspace.
The best thing that happened to me on Momzspace is I started off my career after a long break from work. Thanks to Momzspace that I got an opportunity to work again and gain that confidence in myself.

Wishing you an amazing year ahead! Thanks for being part of MomzSpace.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Tete-a-tete with Srijata Bhatnagar: Guest of Honour for Women's Day

1. Tell us a bit more about the Srijata that we don’t know yet.
To know more about the Srijata you don’t know yet, you need to interact with her more often… ;)
Well, that’s one of the traits of Srijata, she finds opportunity in every situation to make a light hearted comment. Humor, laughter and optimisim are her most prominent weapon to fight this big complicated world. She believes in simplicity of everything, whether it is work, relationship or fun.
On a serious note, she is a person with unshakable confidence and determination. She believes nothing can stop anyone from taking a leap of faith but their own belief system. Secretly she wants to shatter every limiting belief system of her own as well as others. 
2. How was Ridhani conceptualized? What does the term ‘ridhanisymbolize?
'Ridhani' was conceptualized in the IIM Bangalore campus, while she was having a conversation with her classmates about fashion… the realisation struck that working women don’t find the right kind of clothes for their workspace no matter which walk of life they came from. She had been a victim of the same earlier in her worklife and now she knew she was not alone.
Hence, she decided to work on this problem and determinded to provide the perfect solution to working women. That’s how journey of Ridhani started.
Ridhani is a combination of an Indonasian word called ‘Ridhaan’ that means ‘satisfied and content’ and a Sanskrit word ‘Paridhaan’ that means ‘clothes’. Ridhani symbolizes “clothes that make you satisfied and content.”
3. What do on feel are the biggest concerns for women when it comes to work wear when you interact with them?
Unfortunately the concerns are many folds and most often women themselves are unaware of the problems. As a species we adapt and adjust way too much in every sphere of life… including workwear fashion.
The basic challenge is the absence of guidelines in workwear fashion for women in India, unlike the clear guidelines for men. Even if there are guidelines it has been set up by men, who don’t understand women’s issues at all. Therefore most often any or all of these gets compromised - comfort, style, individuality, and convenience. Making sure the women are lower on confidence while they are in their workspace.
The current workwear fashion for women blindly emulates the west, without keeping in mind the socio-cultural differences of our country. Therefore, there is a strong discomfort associated with workwear fashion. They have to conform to whatever the market offers them, no matter whether they like it or not.
When I interact with women they come up with either or all of these three issues, fit, design, comfort, and individuality.
4.  How important is creating a brand for yourself in today’s competitive business scenario?
We always believe branding is not for yourself, it is for others to perceive you the way they wish to.
Hence, we concentrate on doing our job right. Because, when you do your job, your brand gets created without a conscious effort towards brand building.
Frankly speaking, I personally find brand building overhyped, it derails you from accomplishing the original intention of why you started a certain business or do certain work in the first place.
No matter how competitive the business scenario is, concentrating on providing value to our customers have kept us sailing. If we would have concentrated on brand building, we would have closed down by now.
5. What does a module of Connect to Success look like in One-on-One Coaching programs?
Connect To Success is my flagship group coaching program which has been built on the very simple thought process that “When you connect right with your inner self, professionally, and personally success just follows effortlessly”.
The entire course has been built by me, using my 15 years long experience interacting with others, setting up multiple businesses, and running them all with ease.
My one-on-one coaching program follows the similar principles, however it is more elaborate and tailor made for the individual needs of my clients.
6. You have been a Speaker and a judge  for different Fashion Shows. How do you think modern Indian women perceive themselves or how their thought process has changed about themselves?
In my experience I have seen, todays generation of girls are clearer in their head, what they want from life, how they want to conduct themselves, their dreams etc.
They are focused on making their mark in the world. They are ready to reach out for help, unlike earlier days where they hesitated to make a move.
These girls are aware of their surroundings quite well and know what they deserve. Having said that, they need focused guidance to rise and shine. They need help in finding the ‘HOW’ part of their accomplishments. And, I believe it is our responsibility to make sure these diamonds don’t get lost in the deluge of noise in todays society.
7. What do you love doing the most, other than being engaged in your endevours?
Oh, I love spending time traveling to various unusual places and documenting my learnings, spending quality time with my 9 years old daughter, cuddling my 3 years old four legged daughter (a golden retriver), having soulful intelligent conversations with my soulmate, having mindless hilarious times with my circle of friends, blogging about every day mundane things that are quite extra-ordinary and helping people in need. 
8. What can the audience expect at your session at Art Blend Cafe on Women’s Day?
Well, I believe in dialogues more than monologue. Hence, audience can expect to have a great dialogue with me on career, fashion, life’s challenges, how to overcome those challenges innovatively without getting bogged down by them etc. And I promise to make this session a light hearted yet hard hitting one. At the end of the day audience will return with few pearls of wisdom and new friends for life. And if the audience is proactive enough, they might even end up figuring out their life’s purpose!