Friday, 30 August 2013

Raising 'readers' - Part I

Who doesn’t want a child, who reads and sit still for hours?
Of course, every mom would love to inculcate  a good reading habit in their children. Yes, it’s also one of my dream too. I always wanted to raise a reader. I do not wish that she/he should score highest in academics, but i want my child to know the value of ‘Good Reading’. As it’s wisely said, “Books build stairway to your imagination”. A good reading habit helps a kid to broaden their horizen of creativity and explore their learning.

I started my mission to raise reader, when my little princess was 5-6 months old. Surprised! But, it’s true. she could point at pictures in news paper, my novels, magazines, advertising pamphlets, brochures and so on. In fact by the age of 7 months she would happily pick her favourite book to me and ask me to read it to her (rather sing it to her).

This also helped me and my husband to have uninterrupted dinner time at the restaurant as she use to be busy holding a menu card and pointing at food items and other pictures in it. You won’t believe but i also carry few books (new and colourful ones) to shopping mall also, while I am filling my shopping trolley with groceries, she is busy reading her new book. Trust me! Shopping was so much fun..

My little princess (18 months now) loves books – she loves holding them (upside down, does it really matter anyway?), sometimes she also sits over it,  flipping the pages, listening to stories and words (sounds) and numbers. But this wasn't an overnight dream come true. It’s due the regular practice of reading and creativity in the routine helped me to raise her this way.

Here are few pointers which may also help you to develop a good reading habit in your little one. However, all is not lost if your kid is grown up, you can still use some of them by modifying them according to your child’s age.

[PS. pointers on how to develope reading habit in kids will be featured in my next post 'Raising readers Part II]

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