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10 Best things motherhood taught me....

It has been believed that when women gives birth to a child, she is blessed with second life. Yes, a life in which she will inculcate new habits and learnings.

Being a mom is a never ending learning process. Motherhood teaches you lot many valuable things and am sure every mom cherish this learning process. Sometimes I feel that I'm learning something new or doing new  things every single day.

Here are 10 best things I’ve learned so far as ‘Being mom’.

  1. Be Time Wise
    Yes motherhood teaches you the best ‘time optimisation’ than any other business schools. It teaches you how to utilize the smallest squeezed time for the best task like household chore, folding baby clothes, preparing babyfood, having meal, doing laundry, taking a nap, surfing, cooking, preparing for prior meals and what not. Everything is prioritized according to the level of requirement by the moment and for the kid and mom herself.
  2. Make best of ‘Me time’

    Yes, it’s the most important thing to keep yourself sane during early days of motherhood. For me i was so  much obsessed with my kid, that sometimes I use to forget myself. During first three months of post pregnancy my mom was there to take care of lot many things. So i did enjoy having long hot showers (that to uninterrupted), having meal leisurely. But once i came back to my home in Bangalore, it was getting really very difficult. At timeI had also taken Erishka in a carry cot to my bathroom for my showers and most of the times I did have lunch while simultaneously feeding her too.

    Pampering myself with ‘some me-time’ was only during weekends when my dear hubby used to take care of her for 2 hrs and i use to visit parlours for pedicure and facials. it was not that used to turn out as beauty queen but felt very much relaxed. I enjoyed being pampered with no worries for Erishka and of course I use almost fall asleep during pedicure massage. That 2 hours meant a lot to me. Also during weekends I use to visit few of my friends whereas my hubby used to take care of her.

    Not only weekend but also once he is back from work i do get some of my ‘valuable me time. In that particular time i browse, blog, call my friends or even watch my favourite Tv show. I have been also blessed with few good friends who use to drop by and take care of my girl, meanwhile I use to finish my personal work.

  3. Eat right and sleep tight
    Yes, I did learn that I need to eat right just when i discovered that I am conceiving. I did quit coffee, tea, soda and other junk food. I also stated having healthy food, milk and fruits. But i also use to have craving for ice-creams during my pregnancy days. So, then i opted for organic ice-cream made from fresh seasonal fruits and fresh creame. Post delivery, Iwas more careful as was told by mom that whatever i eat will affect my little one. So I use eat lot of iron -rich food, drink lot of liquids (milk, soups, juices). Every woman, for me i alwasy preffered having meals at regular intervals with more of liquids. Skipping meal?! was never in my dictionary. And of course i needed to sleep uninterrupted for at least some hours like 4-5hrs. Thanks to my dearest hubby who have always been there to feed Erishka formulae milk in night. I use to keep it all ready in bed-side table (measured formulae pwd in air tight container + sterlise bottle filled wit boiled and cooled water). All he had to do is to just add measured formulae to her bottle, shake it and feed her. this was the one advantage of having dual feed options like breastfed+top-up milk. Thank you Akshaye ‘you are the best dad’.
  4. Enjoy the present
    Yes, time spent with your little one is priceless, enjoy every moment of it. Don’t crib, don’t complain, it’s just a phase and you are the best mom. Never belittle yourself by over thinking about what type of mom you are? or are you doing right thing for your baby. All moms are best. whether you breast feed or feed on formula, whether you are Smart Mom At Home or working mom, whether you use cloth diapers or disposables, irrespective to all theses factors, all moms are best.

    Every mom tries to give their best from their part of knowledge and understanding, so never belittle yourself or question yourself. Just enjoy the present moment with your baby and do what you think is best for your baby, as it’s always said ‘Mom knows the best’.
    So don't bother when people who don't respect you or your parenting decisions. Don't waste time trying to make everybody else happy - it has never happen and won't even happen in near future.

    Don't waste your time fighting with your spouse for petty things because you're both doing trying your best but also tired and hungry too. Everyday make sure that you both take some time and look at your child’s need and development. You can play with your little one, hug her, snuggle her kiss her because they’ll grow really fast and likewise you will cherish these tiny moments of love.
  5. Keep two hours aside

    Be it doctors visit for vaccination or an evening dinner, always keep two hours aside. Even though your diaper bag is always ready and you too are dressed I time. Still there are chances that you might get late for your doc’s appointment or to a dinner party. Coz anytime your little one will poop or throw up so you do need spare time. It always happens whenever you have to go out along with your baby, it’s not a joke. It turns out to be whole event, trust me. Two hours before your checking out time, make sure that her car seat is intact, diaper bag has reached the car, umbrella and other toys. So that you don’t waste your time before locking your house. Make sure you start preparing babyfood four hrs ahead of your scheduled time so that you get enough space to fill, pack and go. Don’t ever think that everything is ready so we will reach on time. Anything under the sun can come your way as an obstacle. For example: your baby just starts crying and refuses to sit in carseat, she get uncontrollable, this can waste around 25-40 mins. Once they turn one things get easy peasy as they can eat lot many other things than just baby food and they just love going out.
  6. Spare some ‘We-time’

    Yes it’s very important to make yourself as well as your spouse to feel special. Never forget to celebrated important dates like marriage anniversary, valentines day, new year eve and your other important dates. Don’t ever feel that now you have become a mo , so can;t go out or what is there to celebrate am growing old for these fancy things. In fact now you have more than one reason to celebrate your togetherness with an addition of a family member. You both along with your little one can definitely enjoy your special days too.
  7. No rule book for mom

    There is no rule book or a manual for a mom to refer (How I wish!?). All we first time moms can do is ‘Trial and error’, it works. Also with the addition of inputs, advices from friends and relatives is a great help too. Tips and tricks exchange during mother-toddler classes or with your friends who has a child as old or older to yours, have proven to be great help for me. Still at times you will end up doings things which are not told to you, somedays have to do whatever works not just stick to books.
  8. PatienceI was very impatient and indecisive before being mom.
    Motherhood have taught me how to be patient, not to impose things and never be judgmental and after being mom am more decisive than earlier.

    During my pregnancy  I had broken my leg and was advised to have bed-rest for more than 6 weeks and it was really frustrating. It was like bed-rest was never-ending phase for me. But slowly developed patience in myself and channelize my time towards creativity.

    You won’t believe I had also created few cute gift boxes which i used later during ‘Birth announcement party’ as favour boxes.

    Also I created a diaper-cake and other goodies all for myself ;-) and lot of my expecting friends asked me make for them too.

    So what learned is that patience in me driven me to channelise my energy in right manner, thanks to motherhood. motherhood is an infinite reserve of patience.

    Of course, you will be tested and there will be times when you think you are right at that edge of your sanity. But then looking at the smile and little naughty things of your baby will make you realise that you are ‘proud to be mother.
  9. Transformation of likes and interest
    After stepping into motherhood, ones likes and interest are easily replaced with kiddie stuffs. For example you spent most of the time singing rhymes and songs, most of the time you end up eating babyfood (as forcibly fed by your little one), you start drinking kid’s friendly shakes, you start you day with a cartoon channel and not the news channel. These were the few transformations.

  10. Am I speaking like my ‘Mother’
    You’ll be often giggle to yourself when you find yourself speaking the same words to your child just like your mom. You will feel as if your mother’s words (Ditto words with same punctuation and exclamations) are coming from your mouth. 

Keep learning and happy parenting!

With love,


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