Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bathtime is ‘bubbletime’

Who says that blowing bubbles is an exclusive outdoor activity for summer time? Now you can enjoy blowing bubble in winter days too. 

Yes, this activity is again created out of necessity. I use to often blow bubbles for my daughter Erishka when I used to take her to park.

I noticed that she really enjoys this activity , I was worried about the soap solution though it was written kids friendly solution. I was worried if at all it is harmful for my baby's skin or eyes? 

Then I thought why not I make bubble solution by  myself. I thought of using  used baby shower gel instead other harmful soap solution. This made it easy for her to observe bubbles for long, as her eyes didn't burn, if at all any bubble went into her eyes.

So, all set to play with bubble is bath-time. Now below are the steps for how to make bubble solution. All measurements are in trial and error, one do less or more according to the thickness of solution they want. it also depends on climate, as high humidity helps for good bubble making and it works best if keep the solution as it is for 2 days. After couple of trail and error, we got the right solution for bubble activity. Then I thought why not I introduce this bubble activity to her bath-time routine, so that she enjoys her bathing more. To make Erishka’s bath time more a fun activity, I started blowing bubbles to her during her bath-time. She loves gazing at bubbles and once they get settle around her she used to prick it. She rubs her soapy hands all over her body and makes it easy for me to make her bath.

[Please note: During this entire bath-time bubble activity, I keep her seated in bath tub or bath mat. Please do not allow kids to stand on the floor while blowing bubbles as floor might get slippery and they might fall. Let you blow the bubbles towards your baby, and let bubbles come near to them, sit on them and they prick, feel, touch. Play safe with this activity.]

What you need to make bubble solution?

1 stirrer
3 tbs of any baby shampoo (no tears)
2 cups of hot water
1 cup cold water
1 straw
1tbs of glycerine (optional, only for kids above 3yrs, it;s good for skin but can burn eyes)

How to make bubble solution?

Take one washed, cleaned and air dried bottle with air tight cap. Put 1 cup of hot water in the bottle and then add 3 tbs of baby shampoo. Then stir it slowly with stirrer. Wait for 1 min, let it settle and then add remaining  hot water followed by 1 cup cold water.

Close the bottle and put it upside down for 3 mins. Bring back to normal position and if you do not have bubble want you may use plastic straw ( we used t use this during childhood days).Ta-daa it’s ready to used, but it works best when kept for 1-2 day.

Blowing bubbles is very much popular as  a ‘summertime outdoor activity’ but now even during winter days she can have fun with bubbles in hot water tub too. Bubble activity helps our little ones to learn lots skills like motor development, eye coordination and sense of touch-effect.

Have a happy bathtime with bubble friends. 
Just blow, touch and prick to play!

With love,

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