Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Happy & healthy Bathtime: How to clean bath toys???

When your little has a squeaky and colourful bath toys to play, their bathtime becomes more fun activity than just a daily routine. But here too, we need to assure the hygiene taken care for bath toys.When ignored on regular basis, your bright colourful bath toys will turn black, and needless to say that such toys are bad for their health.

If not take timely care for bath toys, then your child is more prone to suffer from genial infection, skin rashes, cough, fever and so on.

Being such a neglected area by most of the care takers, one must take personal interest in cleaning and sterilizing the bath toys. I learned this from my elder sister.

Though she was a working mom and always with tight schedule, she used to make sure to sterilize all my nephews toys (that includes bath toys too.by herself) perfectly by herself.

To make your child's bathtime happy and healthy fun time, here are few steps to clean bath toys with no trace of dirt on it:

  • For all rubber toys, who makes your child laugh when they squeak. They tend to build up dark in outer surface as well as some dirt inside the toys to. So to clean it inside out, first of all just squeeze out any water sitting inside toy.
  • Now, take  small tub filled with hot steaming water (make sure kid's aren't around) 
  • Add few drops of baby shampoo and pinch of detergent.
  • Make the cleaning solution even by mixing it rigorously.
  • Now just soak all toys (rubber toys, squeaky toys, also toys with intricate crease, shapes) in the tub solution. Suck all squeaky toys without fail.
  • Let it stay for around 20-30 mins, meanwhile you may proceed with your other laundry work.
  • Then rinse each toy with any unused toothbrush with strong bristles.
  • Now pull each toy out, and squeeze all soapy solution out and place it on another tub/bucket of clear hot water. Soak further for around 10 mins.
  • Again repeat the step 8. Add pat-rub dry all toys with clean washcloth
  • Put all toys in a basket and allow it to air dry.
Enjoy splish-splash-splish with clean bathtoys!
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