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Healthy, yet tasty food for older infants and early toddlers

So here is the third and the last part of my food series for older infants and early toddlers. In previous part I did share my recipes on soups, juices and milkshakes.

And now it’s time for main course for our little one. These recipes are again tried and tasted. It’s healthy, yet delicious.

Once your kids have started with soups and milkshakes, after sometime they’ll get bored of it and you need to introduce real food to them.

No more khichdi and dalya, now they need something tasty too. At age of 8-10 months they tend to develop their taste buds to, so now they will easily turn off their face from the boil mashed food. Some infants would have also started teething so chewing these tasty bites would help them to get some relief too.

So here are my quick and easy recipes for our little ones;

By this time you can introduce all kinds or dals or pulses to them. Do not add any soda or so.Just make sure that you pressure cook properly and teh pulses are soaked for atleast for 8 hrs. this will help to avoid any gassy trouble in your lil ones tummy.

You may use variety recipes of dals and pulses like baked beans, hummus (chicpea), sukhi moong dal, black dal, dal palak  and so. You can serve these with steamed rice or thinly rolled rotis. You can also soak rotis in dal and serve it to them with chopped coriander and lemon to taste. Make sure the preparations would same as yours own meal, but the only difference would be that you would not add any red chillie powder or green chilies, you may add some pepper if you want, make generous use of ginger and hing (asafoetida). This will again help to prevent any gassy trouble.

You may make delicious Dal Dhokli or just make wheat pasta with tomato puree. It taste awesome. Dal Dhokli (my all-time favourite) was a big hit for Erishka when she was 8 months old. Dal dhokli is a gujarati dish prepared with tuavar dal, spices, guavar(flat beans), drumsticks and soft dumplings of wheat roti. Be it Pasta or dhokli both has high amount of carbs which is essential for the body development.

When you are almost dead tired to think something for your baby’s dinner, just make sumptuous khichadi with more than two pulses. By adding vegetables like beans, carrot, corn will add more taste and nutrients to your child's meal. You can also make Dalia khichadi with moong dal and vegetables like peas and corn. Dalia will give rich source of energy whereas vegetables will add more nutrients to it.

Oh My God! Plese don’t raise those eyebrows, I very well know that good mothers are not suppose to feed junk to their kids. But here is the twist, replace the maida/plain flour base with Bhakhri (Thick, crispy roti made of wheat granules+salt to taste + ghee). Have your base ready, then top it with thick gravy of tomato and garnish it with cheese and boiled peas and corn. Trust me they will love it. Make sure you make very small pizza base as they cannot have more than a  size of tea cup.

Rice are nice
Other than steam rice, you can serve them variety of rice like;
White pulav (made of rice,ghee and colorful vegetable:peas,corrot, beans)
yellow rice (Simple and easy, just recook rice with mustard seeds, salt and oil)
carrot rice (Just add grated carrot, while preparing zeera rice)

Boil Pav Bhaji
This was a big hit with erishka. The process is same as usual but just don’t add red chillies, green chilies, garlic or onion. And do not crush or mash them completely. pressure cook all vegetables, stir fry in butter add turmeric, salt, pepper and pinch of garam masala (grinded in house). before serving just add few drops of lemon, chopped corriander and chopped tomatoes.
This will be a real delicious treat for your little one.

Tasty ball
Just grate cheese, paneer and boil potato. add some salt, pepper, ginger, corraindr leaves, lemon drops. Mix all ingredients well and then make small balls. Now shallow fry it in pan with clarified butter/ghee.

Begin the recipe same as tasty balls. But you need to add few more boiled vegetables like carrot, peas, corn to it and press it round shape. Serve it with whipped curd.

Rotis and paranthas
You can make variety of paratha for your little one. Like palak paratha, Alu paratha, lauki paratha. You can also make gul poli/puran poli with tuvar dal. You can also make thin chilla for your little one.

Minty balls
This recipe was again out of necessity. Once we had planned to paani puri at home. Me and my hubby were busy having it. But my little one who was not so happy with her upma, was just gapping at me. Then i thought why not i make some minty mini balls for her. So I took boiled potatoes, boiled black channa and added few crushed mint leaves, roasted zeera powder, salt. Mixed everything, made it smooth enough to roll them into balls. Trust me she really enjoyed these paani-puri balls or call it minty balls.

You give them any subji but provided that it’s well cooked and soft in texture. Add some tomato pure, hing, ginger in their portions as they won’t have any other spices like adult meals. For Erishka I use to usually prepare subji’s like alu-lauki, peas-cauliflower, moong dal lauki, alu matar, palak paneer, sweet potato, alu bhaji, corn palak, beetroot and pumpkin.

Quick snacks
For quick snacks you can feed you little one with yummy poha, upma, yellow sevai, dosa, steam idli, khichu.

You can prepare delecious desserts for your little one like sheera/halwa from sooji/Semolina, atta (Wheat/raagi flour) and sweet sevai. Also remember to use granulated brown sugar or jaggery intstead of white regualr sugar. This will prevent any tooth decay in future and also brown sugra/jaggery are rich in iron. You can also serve fresh whipped creame with fruits and powdered dryfruits.

All my recipes are for early toddlers (12 to 15 months) and older infants (7 to 11 months). Please read these guidelines while preparing baby meal specially for infants 7-11 months.

Please note: Not to introduce more than one item in a day and keep 2 days gap before including new ingredient in their diet. These recipes are tried by be and also tasted by my little one. You can customise to suit your child as every child is different and so does their requirement. You can replace the above mentioned ingredients with your child's favourite ones. Please do read the guidelines mentioned in my previous articles before trying these recipes.

Some of my friends have requested me to write about quick tiffin meals for toddler, specially for picky eaters. I am afraid to share that I cannot write any tiffin article right now. But once Erishka turns two and joins the playgroup I'll share my experiences on packing her school lunch-box. I hope this article would help moms who are looking for healthy and tasty recipes for their older infant or early toddlers.

Keep cooking and happy parenting!

With love,


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