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Part I - Soups, sips and licks for older infant and toddler

This post is about how I introduce soups, sips (juices, milkshakes, smoothies and milkshakes), licks (mashed fruits or vegies with butter n spice) to daughter when she was older infant and now at early toddler age.The best thing about being mother is that one keep inventing and create interesting things to please the taste and health of their little one.

I am also blessed with couple of good old friends who are also in the same phase of motherhood. Just like me my friend is also a proud mom of a ‘little princess’. So it’s really great for both of us when it comes to discuss motherhood on long telephonic chats. Gone those days when we use to have long never ending uninterrupted  chats on phone regarding all teenage stuff, baseless arguments and gossips,.Now, we have only one topic to chat for , that’s ‘about raising our kids’.

When our little monsters are fast asleep, we actually sit back, take a sip of tea and enjoy talking about motherhood on a call. We forget that we are also suppose take nap, rather our minds keep ticking on how to make things better to the ‘best for our little ones. We exchange views, ideas and give other inspiration and do our best.

Recently I got a call from my best friend ( since childhood days) regarding what did I feed Erishka when she was growing infant and now when she is a toddler. This post is dedicated to her and our little ones.

PART I: Soup recipes for 6 months to 10 months (Older Infants)

Most of the babies in this age group would have already started. I started solids like semi-liquid khichadi(Hotch-Potch) when turned 5 months old. she use to really enjoy the varieties like sooji (Semolina) halwa, raab, wheat+millet flour (Raagi Aata) porridge and yellow moong-masoor dal khichadi along with curd. Before introducing these food, we had already discuss with our pediatrician regarding what to give and what not and when to feed top-up solid and when not. Our regular food can be easily converted into baby first food. Common fruits and vegetables can be given to baby even as first foods.But as requested by my friend I’ll keep this post post restricted to soups, juices, smoothies an d milkshakes only.

So first comes the soup. Here you go, below is the list of baby food for older infants (6 Months to 10 months older infants).

  1. Tomato soup: 1 boiled tomatoes + grated ginger or sounth + pepper
    Blend these ingredients into the blender.
    Seive if required to suit your baby.
    Add chopped coriander and few drops of lemon and serve it with mashed rice and butter.
  2. Bottle gourd soup 2 inch piece of bottle gourd ( depending on your baby's diet)
    half medium size tomato
    Pressure cook the ingredients and then blend it.
    Heat ghee/butter in pan add few cumin seeds, pinch of hing
    and then pour the blended puree of bottle gourd and tomato
    Let it simmer for 2 mins and maintain the consistency as per
    your baby’s requirement.. then add chopped coriander+few lemon drops and
    serve it with mashed potato or mashed butter rice.
  3. Beet root soup Pressure cook 1 half chunk of beet root + 1 half tomato + 1 tbs of moong dal
    Then grind all the ingrdients in the mixer. Shift the mashed vegies onto another pan and add water as per the consistency you want.
    Then add pinch of cumin seeds powder + few drops of lemon and honey and then serve with soaked broken flakes of thin freshly prepared wheat roti.

  1. Spinach soup - Power soup ½ cup of blanched spinach
    ½ cup of boiled and mashed moong/masoor dal
    2 pinch of grated ginger.
    Blend all the ingredients and then heat butter / ghee on pan. Then add some cumin seeds and after seed titter add the blended vegies and dal. Add litter water , bring it to boil and then serve it with mashed rice. You may add grated tofu or paneer. I use to add it , and meethi used to love it. by adding paneer or tofu, this simple soup turns into the power soup, combination of high protien and iron properties.

    Sounds tasty isn't. But before you head towards your kitchen, please look into the pointers to keep in mind while preparing baby food for older infant (6 -10 months)
  1. Mixmatched veggie soup 1 cup of all vegies available in your kitchen counter (Tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, peas, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, capsicum, whatever green or leafy you have in your fridge). Pressure cook all the ingredients and then blend it in mixer. Now, heat butter/ghee on a pan. Then add some cumin seeds and after seed titter add the blended vegies. Add little water, pinch of  pepper+cumin powder and few drops of lemon, bring it to boil and then serve it with mashed rice.
  2. Peas and potatoes 1 cup of green peas + 1 potatoe
    Pressure cook them. Heat butter/ghee in a pan, add these boiled peas and potatoes.
    Saute it for 1 mins and then take masher and mash it. While doing this keep adding the water (½ cup) simultaneously. hs will give thick and creamy consistency to the soup.
    Then add pinch of hing, sounth and pepper to taste and few drops of lemon and then serve.
  3. Creamy carrot Heat butter/ghee in a pan. Add cumin seeds, let it titter, then add grated ginger. Sounte it for few mins. And then add 2 tsp of thick curd diluted in water  and stir it simultaneously.
    Let it simmer for few mins and then serve it with rice.

Please note Sips and licks for older infant ( 6 -10 months) will be posted in my next post. 

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