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Rhymes and personalised songs for ‘Erishka'

Since she was 3 months or so, I began actively singing for Erishka. This was again out of necessity, as it used to divert her from non-stop crying. Till she was 3 months, most of her things were taken care by my mom like bathing, massaging, cleaning her poops and so on. But once I went back to my house in Bangalore, I had to do everything all on my own including all above and add on activities like household chores, laundry, cooking, and so on. I use to sings lots and lots of rhymes to her and also used to talk a lot, as she was also feeling bit alone in the house. By singing songs to her from the another room or kitchen (for few mins) used to give her sense of security like ‘mom is around’ and am safe.

Generally she is not cranky during nights but sometimes she used to not sleep at all and wanted me to feed her all night with no signs of sleeping. So then I created a song and used sing it to her in a very pathetic voice but she use to fall asleep. (though now she hates to listen to it as it reminds her of sleeping). Along with the carols like When upon a billows you are tempest tossed, This little guiding light and ‘God’s Love its so wonderful (These carols were her favourite). These self-created rhymes have eased up my parenting days when she was infant.

Here is the song which I created for her;
My Darling
My Sweetheart

I love youuuuu

You love meeeee
We all love you ..
So do youuuu

Your eyes are…

like twinkling stars

Your smile is….

like fresh breeze

I love youuuuu

You love meeeee
We all love you ..
So do youuuu
My Darling
My Sweetheart

During her bath time I use to sing for her the very famous guajrati poem (Chakki Ben Chaki ben). On listening this song she use smile and flap her hands and feet.

I made it such a routine that the moment i use to start singing this, she use to understand that it’s bath time for her.

Here is the bathtime song I created for her
Your tiny tiny toes
and rosy posy lips,
cuddly cuddly hand and
bummpy bummpy hips,

Now rubbing forward

and scrubbing the back

And here we go

with the waterfall from neck

Rub-dub-rub-dub gently

on your softy cheeks
wiping your eyes clean
and nosyyy to squeeze…

Now rubbing forward

and scrubbing the back
Rub-a-dub-a-rub up
and rub-a-dub down

Wipinng clean dry

and back to sack

I used to begin her massaging with ‘Chaki ben chaki ben’ and then begin bathing with above bath song and end it with hindu chants like ‘Har har gange, Har har Mahadev’ for three times.

During her nappy change to keep her distracted with following snippet;

Nappy nappy nappy,
washy washy,
Chanely changey,

Her all day favourite song was ‘One little daisy crown’. Which was created by me with help of her picture book ‘Does Princess count?’. The picture and number in the book inspired me to create this song.

This picture book was all about the Princess who learned counting with her dog while they were on hiking. Pictures of cute girl wearing a Tiara made of daisy flowers and she was followed by her dog while she went for hiking. On their way they met different birds and animals.

And so it helped princess to learn counting. It was then considered my SOS tool, the moment I begin singing this she used to come running to me with insist me to read book to her.

Here is the SOS song;

One little daisy crown

for Erishka’s head

Two strong hiking shoes 

for Erishka to wear

Three colourful butterfly 

for Erishka to play,

Four Golden deers

with beautiful eyes

Five green frog

goes hop-n-cop-shop

Six grey skunks

with shining smile

Seven silver squirrels

run here and there and where

Eight chirping birds

singing on a tree

Nine busy honey bees

for Erishka’s Honey

Ten bunnies with pointed teeth

Jumping boing boing to Erishka

A ten and nine and eight and seven and six and five and four and three and two and ONE ... All ten friends for Erishka to Play..

Besides above mentioned my self created songs for her, I used to also sing her following nursery rhymes throughout the day with a very loud and very unpleasant voice but she use to enjoy and laugh…

Mary had a little lamb (This is her favourite always sung by her dad)
Pussy cat, Pussy cat
Ding Dong Bell

Chakki ben Chakki ben
Tametoo re Tametoo (It’s her favourite, though do not know the right lyrics, somehow i mix-match and sing it to her, and she grinns)
Ek Biladi Jaadi
Aavre Varsaad, Dhebaryo Varsaad

Since her last visit to my mom’s place she has learnt new rhymes like Old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o and wheel on the bus with  the help of my nephew too.

I still remember how all of sudden when meethi used to cry in midnight and Rishabh use to sing ‘Old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o’ with his closed eyes and drowsy fame… Ahh now that's what I call the beginning of sister-brother bonding. Her learning of ‘Wheel on the bus’ rhymes got better in the Rhyme classes held by slough library.

I also miss my childhood times when my mom used to put the nusery rhymes cassette by Preeti Saagar, she has sung so well with all animated noise and all. I do try to find some in youtube and other playlist but I wish I could buy any her old rhymes in CD format.

I hope this article could be help to those moms who find it difficult when infants go out of control, and this help them to distract in critical situations.

Happy rhyming, happy singing!

With love,


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