Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Smart mom's perspective: Say no to child abuse

With the rising number of crime stories reported in news channels and newspaper, every parent feels insecure and fear for their child's safety.

More than anything else in the world what keeps them worrying is about how to keep check on safety. We hear lot many news about child sexual abuse, child trafficking and all. Here I am not trying to scare you but I just pouring my heart out as 'being a mom' of a 15 months old girl.

My intentions are genuine, I wish to spread the word of child safety among all parents. One of the major reason behind the rising numbers of these heinous crime is the lack of communication. As our child have just stepped i to the world of vocabulary, we all refrain talking about these unpleasant stuff. And moreover, child feels that it's not 'OK' to talk about sex or private parts with anyone. Later, the frequency of such acts get repetitive and unreported which results to disastrous future for our little ones.

Besides just worrying over this issue again and again, what else can we do as a parent to ensure our kids safety. I was browsing through some websites and I found this website based in UK.

While reading it further, I found that it mentioned new term for me called 'Talk Pants'. This website actually made me realize that talking about sexual abuse with your child is not scary at all.

In fact, you don't even have to mention the word 'Sexual Abuse'. All you need to do is to have as simple conversation with your kid in every 2-3 days.

 I found the tips and rules mentioned in the article very information and helpful.  I know this site is not Indian but the topics discussed and tip and tricks shared are very much relevant and applicable in Indian perspective too. Though my daughter is very young, but by conditioning her with these pointers I can very much ensure her safety.

This website also has PDF download for topic like how to talk about keeping safe?, 'Why underwear rule is important?', 'Talking tips for the underwear rule', 'The underwear rule guide for children, parents and care takers'. I thought of sharing this valuable information with all my smart moms. Let us spread the word and share this amazing child safety tool with all parents. Here is the website 'Keep your child safe with Underwear rule'.

So, start 'talking pants' and keep your child safe from abuse

With love,

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