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Guest Post>> Books: A gift for lifetime

Inside look at Anagha's Pictorial Dictionary
I am so glad to publish this Guest Post by one my friend - Archana Swamy. If you are following my posts regularly you would have noticed that I often mention a name, 'Archie'. Yes that's her, my friend, sister, gossip partners, agony aunt, mentor, what not. Every conversation with her brings lot of inspiration to me.

How I wish to be at least 10 per cent of her. Her perseverance and dedication towards all sorts of life challenges is remarkable, be it education, family or parenting. 

So for all my smart moms, following article is written by one of the smartest Mom of all, 'Archana Swamy'. She is a mother of two angels one is aged 10 years and the younger one is 3 years. She also practices her 'Reiki Healing' for friends and family. 

In this article, she is sharing her experience on reading books and how it can do wonders to the future of our child.

Guest Post>> Books are gifts for life
By Archana N Swamy

When I came from school my mother handed over me a big red book and said, 'Happy birthday dear' it was a dictionary! It was a big surprise for me. While having a wonderful gift , which had all my answers and made my reading easy. From then I simply started to love reading books of all sorts like drama, poetry, philosophical, political to name few.

When I became a mother to a baby girl, I realised that ‘books’ are best ever gifts given to a child.After when I became mother of baby girl that day itself I decided to gift books on her birthdays.

Anagha's first book - A Pictorial Dictionary
On one fine day, just after her 2nd Birthday, a group of students arrived at our doorsteps to sell books. My eyes were looking for some pictured and colorful book.

And finally I found a 'visual' dictionary and gifted to my elder daughter ‘Anagha’. More than her, I was thrilled to see such an attractive and big book in her tiny hands.

Once she entered 1st standard she started looking in to the dictionary for pictures initially and later on also for meanings. Any ways that was my main intention behind gifting her a  dictionary at very young age.

Anagha's Home Library
Along with this we have gone for 'Time Life' series came with four different library called Child's first Reading Program, early learning program, library of values and library of learning.

As she started growing she began relating herself, her friends  and her cousins with the characters of her story books. Anagha may not be a book freak but likes to read any new thing available around her.

The baby is no more little one, she has grown up and select her own books. Now a days she is reading on 'Treasure Island'.

A closer look at Anagha's book collection
Her frequent reading habit have made her to go through her syllabus in advance and understand lessons in the textbook without any difficulties. She refers through her books to complete given projects in the school. In fact books made her to think more independently and express her opinions.  

Needless to say, reading is only the best way to gain knowledge. It doesn't mean that I never allow her to do other activities. She's doing her Bharatnatyam and plays video games during free hours

I firmly believe that every work that our kids do should be a matter of choice not a matter of chance.

-With love

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