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My Kitchen counter: Home-made wheat pasta

Cake designed by me on her 'Birth Announcement Party'
Welcome to my kitchen counter - here I'll share my all recipes which will be intended for healthy eating habits in kids. My little princess Erishka loves anything junky, creamy and gooey. She loves french fries, pasta, noodles and pizza. I definitely make sure that she avoids such food as it contains Soda, high salt and maida i.e plain flour which is highly unhealthy for growing toddlers.

Looking at her taste and health, last week I attempted to make the home-made wheat pasta for her. Any junk food she likes I try making it at home so that her diet excludes emulsifier, egg, maida and other preservative material.

I have used simple kitchen ingredients to prepare healthy yet tasty pasta treat for her.

I got this inspiration from my nutritionist friend  (Atrayee) and my sister (Kruti). Few months back Atrayee in her fitness and food blog 'Revise Diet' had mentined about DIY: Wheat chappati noodles. I had promised her that I will try making it soon. But since then I did not find much peace and time to prepare my home-made wheat pasta/noodles for Erishka.

On one calm afternoon, Erishka was sleeping (Sometimes I get lucky) comfortable in her room. And just that I managed to move out from her room my sis called me up.

As usual we kept discussing about eating habits of our little ones. While talking about Rishabh's inclination towards junk food, and how these days junk food have easily replace the healthy eating habits among kids. Later while chatting on same note she shared that she prepares 'vermicelli' (yellow sevaiya) in namkeen flavour with lots of tomatoes and other green veggies to go with and serves him saying it's 'mummy style' noodles. She also said that she used to serve the Gujarati's one of the favourite dish 'Dal-dhokli' as 'Indian pasta.

This discussion took me straight back to my Bollywood reporting days when once I was accompanied with my Editor to a Press conference and when I made him taste 'Penne pasta' with red and pesto sauce, he just mocked at me by saying, 'Yeh toh Dal-Dhokli hai'. I was just stumbled with his reaction to a perfect Itallian pasta.

Anyways back to the point, these all incidents and shared experience of my near-ones have inspired to attempt my very own quick, simple and healthy recipe for home-made pasta.

Here is what you need;

1 air-tight container
3 cups of wheat flour
1-1/2 cup of luke warm water
3 tbs oil (olive)
Salt to taste
1 tsp ghee (optional)
1 thick coat pan ( I used the sizzler plate)


Kneed semi-soft dough by mixing all above ingredients except ghee. And the the dough rest for about half an hour in covered vessel. Then add some ghee (Optional) and then make medium size balls. After that just roll out round chapattis and then cut it in to stripes as thin as you can and again cut it horizontal as per your length required (I had cut it around 1 and 1/2 inch or so).

My style home-made wheat pasta
Meanwhile preheat the thick pan ( I have used sizzler plate). Turn the flame off, and then peel off each cut out piece of roti and place it on the pan.

Let it be there for 2-3 mins and then turn the side. It should be of light brown colour. Repeat the same procedure till you finish all stripes and then let it cool for around 20 mins.

Ta-da, your healthy pasty is ready now. Pack these inchy pasta in the air-tight container. It can be stored on shelf for 10-12 days. I hope you all will try this recipe for your little ones. Please share your experience too.

Wishing you all healthy cooking, happy living!

With love,

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