Monday, 18 November 2013

We are back!

Little Laxmiji- Erishka's foot print
Heylos! Finally am back to 'Namma Bengaluro'. After a long Diwali vacation in 'Gujarat', we are back to bangalore.

It was 20`degree temp and just a cold breeze when we landed BIAL. I call it 'awesome' climate especially after being stickily baked in Gujarat. And soon after we got in the cab, it started drizzling and it didn't stop till late evening.

Bangalore was painted Saffron as Gujarat CM Narandra Modi was suppose to visit alongwith other BJP leaders.  Our driver was discussing politics and how Bangalore has changed since 2000 with my hubby while Erishka was calmly at the back seat.

My Little one 'Erishka' had real fun like watching sparklers, playing with rangoli colours, bike rides at night-time, visiting grandma's play house, playing with her new friend Kevalya, riding Rishabh's cycle, serving tea to nana-nani (Maternal grand parent) and the list goes endless.

She learned many things and also got spoiled too. Her increasing anxiety while separation was an endless problem. And also her demanding actions to get my attention was complex to understand and resolve.

Apart from our Diwali celebrations @Jamnagar we also visited many places like Dwarka, Porbandar (Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi), Junagadh and Rajkot. We tried our best to taste all possible street delicacies in this region called 'Kathiawad'. My Personal favourite is 'Kawa' at Tadav ni par- Jamanagar and lunch @ Chotila highway (While traveling towards Ahmadabad).

Her dance sumo-sumo, tata-sumo (standing with hands on hips and moving it right -left right) was loved my all, she also used to enact like an old lady with her head down and bent knees, we called it Doshi-Doshi and her flying kiss was only for the lucky ones.

With Riddhi Fia at Porbandar Chowpathy
What else? We had an unlimited fun with yummy food and colourful festivals.

She enjoyed carrying the colourful bags belonging to Riddhi Fia on her shoulder and waving ta-ta to all, she slept calmly with Kunjal fia on the swing (After getting bit a high ;-) with Doodh-coldrink @Dwarka, reading story books on the lap of the Daddu (Kiran Kaka), going to play house with her Daadi and firing sparklers with dad and going to malls with Riddhi Fia-Fua and enjoying story-session with actions narration by her naani.

This Diwali was special as it was for the first time that Erishka was celebrating this festival @ Jamnagar and with so many relatives.
I wish her many more sparkling and colourful Diwali in the coming years.

Wish you all a belated Diwali greetings and a prosperous new year.

With love,

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