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Christmas Calling: Top 10 activities for kids

Heylos to all smart mommies, am sure you all must be gearing up for festive seasons and must be super busy little Santa at home.

It has been real  hectic week for me. As we celebrated my hubby's birthday and also our 4th wedding anniversary. Last year we made a point that our little princess visits church and also observes beautiful decorations for Christmas all over the town. 

This year she has grown a bit, she can understand a lot many things than before. Besides just giving starry look at the Christmas ornaments, she can now also extends herself to grab one of them. 

She loves watching Santa movies on Youtube and also enjoys listening the very famous Santa's song 'Jingle bell, jingle bell'So what else I can do to make her Christmas feel much special, like never before. I went back to my childhood days , when we used to play secret angel game, Christmas stories, birthday of Jesus and how my mom used to secretly keep my Christmas gift under my pillow as a gift by Santa. 

She use to always say that Santa gives gift only to good children and who obeys their parents. 

Along with my sister and my god brother I use to make a Christmas tree and decorate it, thinking that Santa might get impressed by my decorations and so he may overlook my faults. 

Never the less we all use to eagerly wait for Santa to knock the door or make some noise like 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' and so that we can meet him personally and handover our wishlist. I used keep my wishlist under the pillow and sleep over it, dreaming about Santa coming over my room, read my wish list and leave me a gift and a letter. 

Reliving my childhood memories of Christmas celebration, I have listed out few fun activities to with your toddler and infants.

1) Cake making with no 'bake'

If your have toddler, running around the house and trying to imitate you like 'Monkey see, Monkey do'. Then this is the best fun activity for them, to keep them occupied during Christmas holidays. Your little messy monster could be the best kitchen helper for you.

Just involve them in cake making process like measuring ingredients, putting things in container, mixing and of course licking the leftover int he bowl. Of course they are not allowed to bake or even choke the oven or microwave. 

You can only involve them in Cake making process till mixing and not the baking one. If you are making frozen cake, then also make sure they are supervised while opening and closing the doors of freezer.

2) Cookies/cake decoration

For the little early toddlers and late infants like my little princess 'Erishka', you may involve them in cookie or cake decoration process. They are amazing with picking colours, placing gems on the cookie or to just spread the icing with their exclusive messy effect. 

If you are not in mood to bake any fresh cookies of cake you can just buy few short breads with different shapes or cake toast from the nearest bakery. And also buy some fresh creame, choco chips, gems and so for the decorations. Trust me you will enjoy making theses colourful peices with your little helper.

3) Make a 'Christmas' Art

With the grown up kids you can ask them to assemble the Christmas tree, decorate it or even ask them to prepare some Christmas ornaments. Toddlers has amazing creativity when it comes to art.

They are full of energy and creativity so make best use of them. You can ask them to do some christmas crafts like making Santa Claus (with old tin or can), snowmen (with cotton), make crib for Jesus, the list is endless.

Erishka's footprint card for V-day 2013
4) Hand and foot prints art

As infants or early toddler still mastering their motoring skills, you can help them to create an innovative Christmas art with their little hand prints and foot prints. Make sure you do not use any toxic colour.

What I have (Image on left is Erishka's foot print with haldi - turmeric) planned to do with Erishka is that to create a footprint with the help of Turmeric+water paste and place it upside down (like a conical mountain) and then will allow it to rest for half a day.

After it's dried completely I will paint her foot print with green paint. Once it's dried will ask her to put dot-dot-dots on tree with her crayons or fingerprints. 

Also I'll try to find some Christmas stickers so that she can place it on it. Once I complete this art with Erishka I will soon share with you all smart mommies to get inspired and share your own.

5) Watch Christmas Movies
It will be a real fun ride and am sure you will feel nostalgic when you watch your Childhood Christmas movies with your little ones. There lot of interesting Christmas movies for kids like Jingle All the Way (1996), The Polar Express (2004), Millions (2004), Home Alone (1990) to name few.

6) Read them a Christmas story
Before slipping into their blanket, make them read or readout to them a nice colourful Christmas book. They will love the pictures and will broaden their horizon of creativity along with it. They enjoy and also be curious to read more and more about Christmas. The list is endless for Christmas books like A Christmas Tale, 12 Merry Christmas, Geronimo!, A Christmas Carol and so on.

7) Make a wishlist

This is the most interesting part of Christmas, I enjoyed listing my wishes in a piece of paper so that it Santa can grant all my wishes. You can do this activity with a grown up kids or toddlers, who can actually list out the things they want. For infants you can make the wishlist on behalf of your infant's, and see to it that it gets fulfilled. 

8) Play the Secret  Angel game

Am sure you all must have played a very famous Secret Angel game with your friends and family in childhood. 

For this game the more the merrier. First of all write a name of each family member, fold it in a chit and drop it in a bowl. After that sit in a circle and everyone has to pick one chit each. 

All the participant has to open the chit secretly and not to show or tell anyone about whose name is written in their chit. 

After knowing the name written on one's chit, one has to become a secret angel to the person whose name is written on chit. 

A secret angel is suppose to leave a secret message, poem, gifts and other surprises the person. And on the Christmas eve, one has to try guessing their own secret angel and if unable to do so, the angel can himself disclose the name. 

There is no win or lose in this game. The game is about underlying secret fun, surprises and feel good factor with the family and friends. The entire game revolves around the curiosity, spy check, spookiness and a must joyride for Christmas fun.

9) Christmas card making

This is the most sensitive Christmas activity you could do with your toddler. Ask your little one to list out names of family or friends whom he wishes to send Christmas greetings in a special way. 

He can make a small cute card with a nice Christmas though on it. He can sketch a family picture or his favourite cartoon or even do some finger paint. 

Set him free with pencil, colours and other card making accessories. Your child will definitely enjoy making own creation in form of a card. He can also write a letter with a Christmas message on it and about how he is spending his holidays. 

This activity will enable your child to write interactive communication and express his emotions in words. His writing and drawing skills will get better and better as every Christmas passes by. And of course your family can witness it every season by receiving an hand-made card by your little one.

10)Gift making / gift wrapping

This activity is exclusively for the grown up toddlers who can use scissors and glue with no handling hassles.  

You can create wonderful hand-made gifts like decorative Christmas stockings, a Christmas wreath, candles, hand-made gift boxes/bags, a snowman, Christmas in a mason jar and lot many other quick and easy gift items. 

If your kid is not big enough to use scissor or sticky glue, you may involve him in gift wrapping session. Gift wrapping can also be innovative like chocolate packing, ruffled packing, burlap wrap or you can just simply ask him to stick tape where you've already creased.  You can make it more interesting by giving your child to paint lots of scrap paper like magazines , newspaper and use the same for gift wrapping purpose.

So what all you smart moms waiting for, this Christmas enjoy these suggested fun activity with your little ones. If you are trying something new, please with my readers too! (Sharing is caring)

Put on your creative hat, let your kid join in too!

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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Veens @ Our Ordinary Life said...

What a lovely list and yes they are all really do-able stuff! We have been some Christmas Ornament making at home as well :)

Veens @ Our Ordinary Life said...

What a lovely list and yes they are all really do-able stuff! We have been some Christmas Ornament making at home as well :)
Want to add that the comment moderation verification is making it difficult to comment on your blog. (This is almost the 5th time I am trying to get the images right)

Unknown said...

Oops ! apologies veena, i did see your 5 comments.... thanks for such kind words, me too will make xmas tree for my little one.. will psot the pic soon...

beingFab said...

Lovely list, and very practical ones too!! I think rather than cake, baking cookies is more fun for kids, considering they can cut out the shapes themselves and decorate with sprinkles later :-)

Veens @ Our Ordinary Life said...

Sorry did not realize i got all of them posted :(