Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Calling>> Weekend Art by Rishabh Joshi

Here is a quick look to what my 4 year old nephew made. It's a Christmas card (handmade by him) for his little sister Erishka.
My sister sent me some in making pics through WatsApp. First she sent the mess he made it , she was annoyed. I just sent her message saying he is just like me messy monsters (that's what I do when I sit with my crafts). 
After 20 mins or so she sent me few images of art made by him. And trust me , the mess was worth of it. He is messy yet creative like me. I  miss him so much, so dos the meethi.

So all smart mommies do not stop your kids to make mess during Christmas holidays. Trust me it's worth doing so as you get amazing results which is loaded with love.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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