Monday, 16 December 2013

Defining an 'Uber Cool Mom' in my way..

In this new age parenting in India, defining an Uber cool mom has become very obvious and unavoidable term. The new age mom is no more a 'mom who keeps herself only focused with household chores or family life'. The uber cool mom has a life to live beyond the 'stereotype' mom defined in medieval India (which still prevails in many parts of India too).

The new age mom lives her life beyond just changing nappies, pleasing in-laws, cooking for all and teaching kids. Uber cool mom has a life of her own, where she lives her passion to do something for herself. Like socialising with like minded friends or smart moms and pursuing her career, passion or hobbies too. 

Here am not talking about kitty party stuff, where ladies just get together to chit-chat gossips and show off their solitaires and designer saree, thats so not cool? Argh! I somehow feel I do not fit in that group. It's better I keep mum (no pun intended) on kitty party and girlie stuffs.

Giving a some more perspective thinking for ubercool mom / smart momz, I thought of a starting a ‘Meet up’ for ‘Smart Momz’. 

The group really got good response, there were mails overflowing from working moms, smart momz at home, stay at home working moms, mompreneurs.

They all were keen and eager to meetup and share their experience with like minder career women or smart mom at home. As the meet was schedule in the first week of march, but then everybody were so eager to connect with each other personally rather virtually we  decided to advance the date.

Than I also included meet up members to my WatsApp group called ‘Smart Momz’. Soumya was the first one who expressed her interest and happen to drop her number to my mailbox. 

What kept me worrying all time was unwanted people to be specific, guys with weird profile (must me fake or spam or some desperadoes) … Like name suggests all members of Smart Momz (Me, pallavi, archie, shilpi, mansi, soumya) found it skeptical and fishy about it… 

Then after following up with all and getting their details, I sent out a group mail from my id, of course keeping those bugger off argh!!. 

I mentioned that we’ll keep all schedule details under the carpet hushedddd and we’ll connect only through calls, WatsApp and emails…. no more discussing meeting in public forum. Thanks to Soumya for this wonderful idea.

So as I was writing about defining Uber cool mom, I opted to pause my thoughts, views and feeling for a while till I catch up in 'reality' with my Smart Momz readers and Smart momz from meet up. 

Looking forward for my first meet up with Smart Momz in Bangalore. For all my Smart Momz readers I do not want you to miss out the fun… I will keep you posted about my experiences and what all topics we discussed with my special snippet. 

So watch this space for more and more fun, activity, learning and sharing.

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