Friday, 13 December 2013

Meet Supermodel + Supermom = Gisele Bundchen

Supermodel to Supermom 
Hey all smart moms, meet the new 'Supermom on the celebs block' - Gisele Bundchen. Yes the supermodel of fame Victoria's Secret show stopper, is now tagged as the new super mom amongst the celebrity moms. There is so much a buzz on a social media about Gisele Bundchen's latest picture shared on Instagram.  When one looks at the picture, many of us including her fans would think, 'Oh! Wow she is getting so much pampered'.
But when we read the text shared by her along wit her pic, one actually realises that Gisele is one of the rarest of celebs mom who does not allow her tight celeb schedule to affect her child's basic needs. 

In the picture shared by her on Instagram has dramaticaly changed her from supermodel to 'Super Mom'. As we see in the picture, Gisele breastfeeds her little princess 'Vivian' and at the same time she is getting her hair-do, make-up and nails for the upcoming show.  I must confess Gisele has raised the bar for other Celeb mommies to match up with. Many critics have found her photo quite 'Obnoxious' as it reflects that she is just publicising her obsessed celeb status. 

Being mom: Yes, we can do anything!
But I would say it's inspiring. In her recently shared picture on Instagram, she reflects her true self, of being multi-tasking mom just like any of us.

Though we do not have full time nannies or other support to help, but we too go through same struggle and yet turns out to be 'super moms' successfully.

Every mom has different challenges but goes through same dilemma, pain, involvement , struggle and then turns out to be winner. 

Not only in her latest picture, but also in her previous pictures have been inspiring for new moms like us. Be it capturing first moments with her baby or working out while her kiddo tries to imitate her. All of her pictures of being mother and her journey belong have been always inspiring.

So this is for all new moms, who often feels low, thinking that 'Why me?' or 'My life has changed after motherhood?' Hang on, take a deep breathe and relax. Because even the most popular star mommies goes through same trauma, and still comes out as winner just like you.  

So keep doing multi-task and enjoy being mother!

Nidhi @MeSpace

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