Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Say 'No' to Child Emotional Abuse!

 To all my smart moms, please take look at my latest guest post on one of the best parenting blog of India 'The Mom Views' by Swapna Thomas. 

The article 'Are you emotioally abusing your child?'  talks about how knowingly or unknowingly we end up abusing our kids emotionally.

 It also focuses on the factors which causes emotional abuse and how to avoid it.

 I must say it is a must read for any urban parent like us , as these days we get so much occupied and involve in our fast paced lifestyle, we somehow end up overlooking these sensitive issues. 

Also read my yet another informative post on 'Child Sexual Abuse', which talks about how to keep check on child's safety sexually and protect them from abuse. 

It also reflects that how effectively we can teach our kids to be alert about sexual abuse abusing activity that too without even mentioning the word 'Sex'. So all smart momz get your doze of mom's pespective and protect your child from Sexual and emotional abuse. 

Clear communication and meaningful education to kids can stop Child's 'Emotional' and 'Sexual' Abuse . Stay alert, be safe.

Nidhi @Moms' Me Space

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