Monday, 30 December 2013

Watch this 'Sexual Abuse' video with your child

Wow, what a beginning to 2014! In my earlier post i did mention that it could be my last post for the year 2013 , but seems like I couldn't resist post my latest blog on 'Child Sexual Abuse'. No this time it's not about 'Talking Pants'

This time I am so glad to find this video on 'Child Sexual Abuse' while browsing on of the major social media site. And I was more than surprised to know that it has been created for Indian Society and very much related to Indian perspective. 

It could be that many of you Samrt momz would have come across this video, but am sharing it here in my post again for momz like me who wasn't aware of it.

The best part about this video is that you can watch this video along with your child and make them understand the subject i.e Child Sexual Abuse. 

It's really nice to see that the concept to awareness to educate a child about his sexual and physicall safety is given a thought in India too. 

In my previous post on Child Sexual Abuse, I have mentioned that the main reason behind this heinous act of crime is the lack of sexual abuse education from parents and communication gap between a child and parent.

One can educate their child about Child sexual abuse by with out even mentioning the word 'Sex'. And parents can make the communication channels simple with just a simple 'Underwear Rule'. Gone those days when in India the concept of 'Talking Sex' is considered taboo. For young parents like me who often worries about Child's sexual safety in Urban cities or in small towns, this video could be of great help for them. The best part about the urban parenting style is that it open ups to the hushed away topics like child emotional abuse, physical abuse, child sexual abuse and so.  We should be glad that such informative and parenting materials are available good enough to keep our child safe. These annoying henious acts were very much prevalent in olden days but there were no solutions to it. And now as we have some parenting tools and literature material easily available to combat such acts, so we should make best of it and keep our child safe.

So, start 'talking pants' and watch this video with your child to create awareness about Child Sexual Awareness

Nidhi @Moms' Me Space

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