Monday, 2 December 2013

When Erishka bumped her head!

When your child sneezes couple of times have you ever got panicky and called up a Doctor? If yes then hang on! I understand it happens but not to get hyper when your child gets sick with common cold illness. I am sure that as a parent we would worry about our child’s safety and health more than required. 

If you are maintaining basic health hygiene routine for your little one and his/her vaccination are given on time, then you need not worry so much. 
Also keep them well hydrated with liquids like soups, juices and shakes according to the season. 

Like in summer you may prepare fruit smoothies whereas in winter you may prepare spiced with condiments steamy healthy soups for your little ones. Try to keep their sanitation, play room, bed and feeding utensils/container very clean.

Also Having common cold  or sometime mild fever is quite natural especially among infants/toddlers during season change, cold breeze, unseasonable rain or so. This is the period of growing their body as well as their immunity. 

These are growing years for them to learn and explore many things, so even if if take care to the most , they might end up falling sick by getting infection at mother-toddler class or play group sessions. As they grow by each and every month they want to walk, run, climb stairs and on. So they are suppose fall, roll or drip while doing such physical tasks. 

I still can’t forget when Erishka bumped her head for the first time (she was walking on a floor with support of bed rails) , tears from my eyes were just rolling. And midst of all panic as no one was at home, I called up my Aunt (she is my SoS help when it comes to health) Who is in medical field) and she understands me in such situations quite well. She just asked me to massage her head with hair-oil, and if you see bumbed her head then massage it with ice pack and give her feed and let sleep. Though Erishka was really uncontrollable but I somehow managed to massage her head. She was hugging me tight and sobbing in non-stop manner. I asked my maid to get few ice cubes from our neighbor, unfortunately they too were out of ice in their fridge box. From then I started keeping ice slots in my freezer. Needless to says, things were still not that good at all. 

Somehow I managed to massage her head with cold wash cloth, soothe her bit, and fed her milk. She slept after 2 hrs of sobbing. I am sure she would have got hurt or maybe she have just got scared. 
Though she was sleeping peacefully, but I was still restless and worried about her health. So I rang up my Aunt again so that she can make me feel bit calm and guide me with Erishka’s safety. 

While talking with she further shared that no need to worry until you see following symptoms when child falls like if a child starts vomiting, her eyes turn upside, head frontal becomes soft than usual, neck balance is improper or if there is any bleeding due to fall.  Soon after I finished my conversation with her, Erishka woke up and she was smiling at me. And then she was happily playing around. 

So the moral of the story is not to get panic and just stay calm.

With love,

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