Friday, 17 January 2014

A must read>> 'Bitter Chocolate'

Hey all smart mommies, with the reference to my ongoing articles on creating awareness on the most sensitive topic of Indian parenting, i.e.'Child Sexual Abuse' (CSA). 

Some how I keep looking for information or snippets which could make the communication on CSA in much easier way for Indian parents like me. 
While talking one of my mommy friend (Shilpi, she is a smart mom at home who is also pursuing her PhD and teaching at the IGNOU), she did mention a name of a book called 'Bitter chocolate'. Lushin Dubey's solo play 'Bitter Chocolate', which was directed by Arvind Gaur, is based on this book.It is the very first Indian book on 'Child sexual abuse' with Indian perspective. 

And it was more surprising to know that it was written by an an Indian author, Pinki Virani. Yes, Pinki Virani is the same author who wrote a book on true story of Aruna Shanbaug Case. 

I personally really admire Pinki Virani as a change maker with her words by bringing such social issues into lime light and compel the authorities to re-think and take actions for the same. Hats off to her courage and genuine intentions.

Though I haven't got my hands on the book yet, but it is in my do to list to  read it and understand CSA in much better way. 

I have so much said and written about CSA, that now I really looking forward to read this insightful boo, 'Bitter Chocolate'. Thanks to my mommy friends who happens to share such a valuable information with me. 

So all you smart mommies if at all you come across across any information regarding Child Sexual Abuse which could help in creating more awareness for the same among young parents, then please share or email me on These small efforts could be a great help for other parents who are ignorant.

Nidhi @Moms' Me Space

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