Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013>> Embracing 2014

Yes, so much said and written about new year celebrations and resolutions for the same. Am not so fond of making resolutions and as I keep making it round the year.

So let me out this way, what are my goals for 2014 and what will I cherish from year 2013 for a life time.

Most of the mommies look forward to cut down their flab or weight, or to desire to shop something expensive or to aim for full-time maid (Argh! I hate maids, spl full-time ones). 

You all smart momz would be surprised to know that my wishlist for 2014 is very simple and basic. As I look forward to live a healthy life, raise a healthy kid and follow my dream project
'Lifestyle Services' and Kids' Kitchen from 'Smart Momz'.

What am looking forward in 2014 is ...
  1. Healthy Living For AllI wish that I continue to follow my Organic diet wit more genuine efforts. I did some cheating in 2013 due to trip to Pondy and some temptations like chips or so offered by my hubby. Now we've got our very own grill oven, you also planning to bake dinner rolls, bread sticks and bread loaf at home.. As always will try to feed everything tasty, healthy and fresh to my little one. P.S It's homemade ;-)
  2. Be Spiritually inclinedWill try to pay much for gratitude to law of nature by continuing my meditation and Buddhist Chanting regularly. Also looking forward to join yoga in 2014  and till I join Yoga classes, will start my day with Pranayam and Surya Namaskar.
  3. Meet My FriendI am anxiously looking forward to meet my friend from Jammu-Kashmir. Planning to either visit her place or invite her here in Bangalore to spend some time. Yes we are constantly in touch over watsapp and call, but it's been a long hiatus that we have met face-to-face. Last met in person was when she stayed in with me at my small house in Bangalore prior to my marriage. We enjoyed movies, food and gossips (healthy one not the Bitchy ones!). It was all about funtime. Want to relive it again!
  4. Try something newThis year I 2014 I wish to try the most dreaded and waited sport by me, that's 'Scuba Diving'. I hope i can fulfill my wish to dive in few feet below sea water and feel the aquatics. Wish me luck Smart Momz.
  5. Successful Smart Momz Meet-upThis is my first of it;s kind meet-up am organizing for all like minded Smart Momz for me. Why I thought of this ? As I wasn't able to fit in to the group of typical kitty party mommies, where they just keep bragging abt big brands, designer cloths, beauty tips, solitairs gifts by their hubbys. Phew! while listing these stuff , I feel so irked about it. 
    Being mom specially in today's world is much beyond that gossips, bragging, changing  nappies, pleasing in-law and what not. I know it's often said , 'Once you are mom, you are always mom.'  I understand that but the 'Uber Cool Mom'  is just not only mom, she has her own likes-dislikes, hobbies-interests and so on. So I came up with thought of creating an event 'Meet up -Smart momz' a Bangalore.

    I was more than glad that I received many inquiries and equal interest from other moms (Stay at home momz, mompreneurs, working momz, who also thinks the same the way I do. The event is scheduled in 1st quarter of the year.

    Looking forward to have a successful
     opening and many more Smart Momz meet up in 2014. Ps. In this event I'll be meeting few of my ardent blog readers too. I often interact with my blog readers on social sites and WatsApp, which is very virtual. And so now am eager to meet them in person. 
So for my list of moments in 2013 that I would want to cherish throughout my life will be featured in next post... As am still busy counting my blessings.. :-)
Nidhi @Moms' Space


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.. Good plans for 2014.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for dropping by my post... plans are good , lets see how well i execute ... wish yu a very happy new year too...

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for dropping by my post... plans are good , lets see how well i execute ... wish yu a very happy new year too...