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Great Going Smart Mumz>> A big Thank you

Heylos to all wonderful smart mommies out there. First of all thanks for all your support for 'smart moms' initiative to host a 'Smart Momz Meet'. lot of you all aren't able to make this time, we will definitely miss you special our core member of Smart Momz Soumya. 

Who was actually a driving force behind me to host this event, and so I took it in a serious note. A big thank you to Archana (My college friend), for always being supportive and encouraging me for whatever I pursue, her ideas and tips were quite useful while chalking out this event. 
Yes, of course, Pallavi and Hima for guiding me on how to monitor the group members, venue options, menu and stuff and how to make it more hassle free and successful event a big thank you to you both.

We will also miss our group members Pooja (aka Pinky, Australia) my blog reader and friend, who always gave me new ideas by asking too many things while she was entering the journey of motherhood. Hetal, kudos to her the way she thinks about parenting and upbringing her daughter. 

I fairly remember that just after my very first blogs was published, she kept on asking me frequent questions on how to introduce complimentary meals to the little one. Her queries also followed me when I was travelling Scotland for holidays, Apologies Hetal (Mumbai) for not replying quickly, but I did revert once I was back. 

All my answers to queries, thought and experiences of women was quite reflected on my blog post and again proved to be useful for all. Pinky and Hetal we are surely going to miss you.. How I wish to host a Smart momz meet in Mumbai and in Australia ;-) not a Bad idea though

Though during those time I use  to reply them on FB inbox or pm them on WatsApp, then I thought It would great idea to connect all like minded women and create a social chat group. I also appreciate the active participation on social media by FB group members of Mums in Bangalore and The first moms club

Now due to more readers of my blog my Social chat group is expanding, and it becomes really difficult to moderate. 

I and other core members as mentioned above personally cross check the number and verify FB profile so that no unwanted gatecrashing is done by any male predators, As this group is strictly about motherhood and parenting style.

Any Smart mom who is stay Smart Mom at home or super mom at work or a mompreneur who runs her biz can join and share their challenges and experience they face in motherhood. But due to over santa-banta fwds, unrelated texts, prolonged one-on-one chats, we had to draw some guidelines.

No personal 'Branding'

If yo are under impression that this is the great group to spread market for your product or services, then you are at wrong place. Personal business branding by Mompreneurs is big 'NO'. Mompreneurs are here in group  to share their tips and tricks on how to manage biz with kids or work from home or dealing with clients vendors or so but a big no to personal business branding. 

This will again annoy the other users and then they'll think i't like just another group for promotion. My intentions are very genuine, is to help urban women to find solutions for daily lie challenges not to commercialize. But genuine products and services can be shared if you think it will be useful to the user. Just pm me or watsapp me, if it's for good for all smart momz then you are free to share. OR if there is request for the same like where to find Vegan cake or so? and you happend to be baker adn can bake it , just pm or watsapp that person personally and not on the group message.

No Irrelevant Forwards please!!!
Apologies to all momz who keep send fwds which are irrelevant to the group members. A big 'NO'  to send out jokes like hubby-wifey or politics, I am sorry this is not he right place. There are many groups for political and humorous msg sharing. 

Why no to fwds? What happens is like, when one keep sending such irrelevant post, the other members who could be working in office or mompreneurs attending meeting or smart momz at home struggling with crying baby and chores... this irrelevant messages and pictorials keeps beeping beeping! and as you all know we get more the 187-234 notifications then...This further refrains other momz to be active in group thinking it's just another groups of santa-banta fwds... No offence though but the serious queries or issues raised by other smart mom would not be addressed or overlooked.

Jokes are fine@Smart Momz
It's good to laugh at jokes and share some motivating statements but provided it should be related to parenting or motherhood concerns.

 Alert! It's SoS : 
The group we had in 2013, we discussed lot many sensitive issues like how to stop breast-feeding, healthy eating habits, toddlers tiffin ideas, healthy bakery and also got the solutions for the same. On WatApp group 'Smart moms' we are like family. 

Smart Momz members knew which mom was awake all night due to weening baby, who is struggling to stop breastfeeding, who is dealing with sleep solutions for babies... 

Group members are active during morning between 7am -11:30am (most of them are Smart Mom AT home), afternoon post lunch and tea time i.e 2pm - 4pm (specially all super working moms) and in night post dinner till they sleep (all smart  moms are active during that time). 

Irrespective to time or problem you are facing just ping it i group and wait for a while everyone will try to help you as an when they see the sos message and find time. 

And if you still feel, you pinged sos help/solution/tip for something and did not get addressed, just watsapp me directly I'll psot it with a tag high priority sos tag, and if I do not respond to you on watsapp, just call me, will surely revert your call. It's not that all moms give perfect solutions but they will share tips what worked for them and thier babies so it might work for you too :-)

26th Jan 2014
Smart moms meet:After being so much personally connected virtually with all my blog readers, fb moms, we all actually though we should catch up and spend some exclusive 'girls time' (of course , no kitty party sorts and save our 'Me Space' once in every month. 

So I'll will be hosting smart momz meet every quarter, to have productive discussions on parenting style or just chill and relax with no worries attached. So little ones who are still on breastfeed or who are with special needs are allowed in the 'Smart Momz Meet' by mailing me prior to event.

No, No do not take me wrong, I love kids specially toddlers, there are so many activities we can do with toddlers. But here my concern is the quality of discussion or talks would go no where, and concerns wouldn't be handled at all. 

Trust me it's really really difficult to manage toddlers in a group, and when we don't know how each child will behave, all moms will be then busy taking care of their tantrums and looking after that no toddler fights or hits are taken place. 

You can of course ask your hubby or care take or other family members to take care for a day. And anyways we will always schedule on bank holidays or Sundays so that it's convenient  for all to attend.

And am sure Dads would love to spend some time with their kids too :-)

Be nice to all!
Mother knows the Best and all mothers are the bestest!!! Yes, please do not scare or tone down other mother on their parenting style. Whether you use are cloth diaper mommy or formula milk mommy, all moms are best, isn't?

 Parenting style varies from child to child  as each child is different and of course parent to parent because each parent has different challenges to deal with. Be nice and motivating to all momz. My entire intention to get all like minded moms together and share their experiences , tips and ideas on parenting style and other challenges faced by modern day moms.

To all my Watsapp tech savvy momz please take no offence, my intentions are very genuine and I really want help moms like me who feels sometime stuck and blank. And somehow the group is growing unexpectedly, I understand, just like me many of us are new to this wats App concept. I am certainly overhelmed with your response to my blog and my post on FB groups. 

Join us on FaceBook, now!
Being in nuclear family the parenting is a real tough job, and of course parenting style varies from what our parents use follow, so this becomes easy for all like minded moms to sat connected and help each other. 

Once again thank you for not making me think that am alone in the planet who often gets that momz maddness while raising the little.

A warm hug and a big thank you to all overly enthu momz, aka Smart Mumz.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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