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Guest Blog>>Toys for Toddlers

Heylos to all smart momz, hope you all are having an amazing weekend. Am very much excited for this weekend as I'll be meeting all like minded momz at Smart Momz Meet on 26th January, 2014. I have a swollen nose due to some head stunts by my lo, though applying ice is helping a lot to subside the swelling, but still pain is there. 

I am also having sprained neck due to prolonged holding my lo for making her sleep. Trust babies are angel till a one year and a half or so but once they step into toddlers group, they are uncontrollable. As most of the motor skill are developed and hey also begin to communicate with us even they do not have learnt many words. 

So today am posting a blog by a Guest Blogger Charu Swaroop, who'll give us more information on how to stimulate learning in toddlers with the help of well equipped toys. So please read in, let me know your views and tips too.

Toys for Toddlers
By Charu Swaroop

'Children learn when they play. Most importantly in play, children learn how to learn.'

Educational toys are by no means a new invention. The purpose of toys has always been educational. The bows and arrows used by the little boys in the Roman era were of significant importance. They were to teach future warrior mastery among the children. When we look at educational toys, we should see that they should possess certain features to teach children certain skills. It shouldn't be only for fun and entertainment. Educational toys stimulate a child’s understanding of mathematical, scientific and spatial concepts over other toys.  

So here are few important pointers to be kept in mind while selecting educational toys for toddlers:

1) Toys offering Repeat Play Value
Toddlers like to take toys apart, pull out, pull in, add on and build up. Toys that spark imagination and help children develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills are the ones to select. Blocks, wooden toys, nesting blocks or cups, toys for sand and water play are some of the examples you can consider. 

2) Toys exploring exploration and problem solving
Play gives children to practice new skills over and over again, like toys helping enhance spatial relations skills, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Toys like puzzles, shape sorters or materials like crayons, paint, play-dough fits the frame.

3) Toys sparking imagination in your child-
Look out for toys that your child can use as they develop and act out stories from them. Pretend play toys help them build their language and literacy skills, problem-solving skills and the ability to put events in logical order. Toys like action figures, dolls or doll houses, toy food and plastic plates, toy tools are some of them.

4) Get some ‘ready to read’ toys-
Involve your child maximum in toys that encourage them to read more and more. Toys like books, magnetic letters, or art supplies like crayons, markers, finger paints are some tools that enhance early reading and writing skills in your child. In addition to it, they also build their familiarity with letters and text.

5) Toys that nurture cross-generational play-
At times it is good to go for toys that involve toys with adult participation. As your approaches age 3 and above, it is great to introduce board games to them. A family board game would be a good start. It not only involves all the family members but also encourages counting, matching and memory skills, listening skills and self control. Most importantly, it teaches children to be gracious winners and how to cope up with losing.

Play plays an important role in a child’s life. When we specifically talk about educational toys, we must always remember these lines by R.D Clyde, 'Getting things done is not always what is most important. There is value in allowing others to learn, even if the task is not accomplished as quickly, efficiently or effectively.'

About the Guest Blogger:
Charu Swaroop contributes to Yellow Giraffe – online toy store for kids’ toys in India. When time permits, Charu loves dreaming up and trying new dishes. She has been promising herself to get over her sweet tooth (since 2003), and to trek in Nepal (since 2009).

So all smart mommies out there select toys for you toddler smartly and stimulate their learning.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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