Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Smart Mumz Meet>>26 Jan,2014

Heylos to all smart mumz, I would like to thank all the smart mommies who attend the first Smart momz meet on 26th Jan 2014. 

Yes we did miss our active members like Soumya, Deepti and shilpi on the occasion. As I had mentioned it earlier, it was first of it's kind meet where I was meeting my virtual friends in real time. 

All momz who attended were highly enthusiast and looking forward for more meets to come. 

R-L: Manasa, Priyanka, Nidhi, Kavya, Hima, Pruthvi and Savita
There were momz who attended the meet from various part of Bangalore like RTNagar, Banshakari, Banergatta, Jp Nagar and so. Kudos to all momz who took out some time away from home and kids and join us in the meet.

I was glad to see the turnout as it was full house with 10 smart momz. We kick started our conversation with a normal ice-breaking introduction and then eventually each mom described their day's routine like how they start their day, manage kids, balance work life, quick cooking and so on. 

R-L: Priyanka, Manasa, Nidhi, Archana, Hima, Savita & Pruthvi

We spoke so much about food recipes, hairfall solutions, school admissions, sibblings, second child, spa, trek and what not. this time the discussion or talks were not specific as it was a first meet.
It was really nice to interact with all like minded momz. We had 'good time' with just being our self sans kids and home, really enjoyed the meet. 

Here are few snippets from the members o the feedback of meet;

"Great job Nidhi... Thanks for the arrangement, loved every bit of it, had awesome time. Filled with enthu and positive mommies. Smart momz group really rocks. A much needed break from our routine. Will look forward for the next meet up. .loads of love to you all gorgeous mommies", saya Hima a super mom who is a marketing professional and also manages home and a toddler boy.

R-L: Manasa, Kavya, Priyanka, Nidhi, Hima, Savitha, Pruthvi & Manmeet

"Nidhi thumbs up for you... Had a great time. Oh God!! We spoke so much!!  I was so full with talks and food that I crashed out once I reached home... looking forward for Spa Meet", says an HR professional and a mom to a toddler daughter.

"Every arrangement wad fine Nidhu, as Hima said a small diversion from our routine gave us loads of relaxation, I feel re-energised by the positive vibes of all smart momz in the group. Thank you very much , for making me participate this meet. A round of applause for Smart mom Nids", says Archie a mom of two daughters and Reiki therapist.

"Hey Nidhi, the meet was awesome and am glad to meet all smart momz. Looking forward to meet you guys again," Says Priyanka A who is a Smart Mom at home for a 2yrs old toddler boy.

"Hey all... It was wonderful...Had such a wonderful time with you all... 
Feeling lucky to get connected with all like minded momz. 
Thanks a ton fo ran awesome day... And spl thanks to Nidhi for the arrangements and make it possible for  all of us to meet. I am eagerly looking forward to attend more smart momz meet", says Manasa a working mom who has 6 months old baby.

"I enjoyed, it was amazing and I mean it :)
My husband was happy too.. I hardly have friends after my marriage
He wants me to go out with friends :)," Says Kavya who is a working mom with a 8 months old baby.

While closing the smart mumz meet, we ended up to decide on few themes for future meets like Spa Day, Movie time, trek, clubbing, scuba diving what not. For upcoming events at smart momz please visit Events@SmartMomz

A warm hug and a big thank you to all enthu momz, aka Smart Mumz... See you all soon.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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