Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Diapering right: Get your hands Dirty!

Heylos to all smart moms, am sure you all must be taking utmost care of your child while diapering them. For me diapering my little one in right manner has been always been the top priority.

We have to make lot many small yet important decisions like when to start solids, breastfeed vs bottlefeed and what not. And when it comes to opt for a right diaper for little one, we make our individual choice as per our personal routine adn baby needs. 

Once you successfully select for what kind of diapering (cloth vs disposables) you want to opt for, it becomes obvious to get your hands dirty.
So here is my latest guest blog for Mybabycart.com is all about how to clean cloth diaper and dispose the disposables in an hygienically manner. With the right pointers and guidance, I have made it this entire poop cleaning session mess free and also pleasant. 

By following right manner to flush the poop and dispose the disposable, it will make your diaper cleaning and disposing session simpler and hassle free.

So be it a cloth diaper or disposables, as a responsible parent / caretaker, the poop has to be disposed in right manner and cleaned it hygienically to ensure the pleasant and healthy environment for your little one and other family members too.

So here is my take on how to clean the cloth diaper and how to dispose the disposables. Please read through and let me know your tips too. I would love to share it on my next blog.

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