Monday, 3 February 2014

Shopoholic in training!?

Heylos to all smart momz, this weekend we went for shopping for my hubby and my lo. And guess what the little princess was all set in for a shopping spree. You won't be believe she was checking out everything in kids sections, be it accessories, pants, skirts, frocks or even shoes. She wanted to buy everything, and started dumping it in the shopping basket, and also she was pulling me towards billing counter.

My eyes just popped out when I saw her removing her old sandals, started checking put shoes and refuse to wear her own sandals. So that I end up buying new one for her ;-) such smart kid and shopoholic lady in training. Though at the end I only bought the things which were required and considered her one of the choice too. I couldn't believe that she was shopping so chick, so unlike me, I was a real tomboy in my childhood days.

So all you smart mommies of you have baby girl, then I must say you've got your shopping partner. So make best of it, plan a girls day out, get the shopping rolling!

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