Monday, 10 February 2014

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Heylos to all my fitness freak smart moms. I've been getting the questions about what this meet is all about. This meet is exclusively about the health and lifestyle do's and Don'ts. 

Being mom is a very responsible job , and at the same time we end up overlooking our own health and lifestyle concerns. This meet will give you insight on how you can live a healthy life with with right food and lifestyle habits.

So here is the preview video on the health talk we will have on 16th Feb 2014. Please watch it and get the insight of the fitness momz meet.

As a mom we make sure that we pact nutritive and healthy meals for our kids' tiffin, and also see that all meals in a day for family is freshly prepare and served on time. So what makes us to overlook our own health by skipping meals and other in-between snacks for a day. It is okay, to have imperfections in house sometime, and relax and enjoy our meals peacefully. 

We as a 'mother' should focus more on our health as we are the fulcrum of the family. And as it's always said that 'Healthy mother raises, healthy family'. Whoever have said this quote, it's quite apt and as a responsible mother oust must follow it religiously. 

Yes as a mom we are sweet yet we are smart too, and now it's high time that we become strong momz with right eating and lifestyle habit. So lets all catch up for 'Free Fitness Talk', and re-live our healthy days and create a happy and healthy family. For further details click here.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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