Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What's there in your Diaper Kit?

Heylos to all smart mommies, hope you all had terrific weekend. This time I was out for shopping with my little one and enjoyed every bit of it.

Yes my laptop has broken down, so i was unable to blog for sometime, and yes thanks to Bloggeroid for helping me to publish this post with no hassles at all. So here is my post on diapering dilemma for MyBabyCart.com. 

It's all about top six most important must-have products for creating a perfect Diaper kit. it also clarifies the difference between diaper kit and diaper bag. 

Like all mothers, I too was always getting annoyed with stiff neck, severe shoulder pain and never ending back ache problem. Thanks to the huge diaper bag we carry all the time, and every where we go with our little one. 

So when you create a diaper kit , it makes your life as mom bit more easier and mess free diaper changing sessions when you are on the go. And of course you can always just carry the diaper kit for small trips like a visit to a neighbours' house, nearby park or even for grocery shopping with your little one tagging along.

So be a smart mom and carry a diaper kit along wherever you go. Wish you all momz out there to travel smart with mess-free diapering!!!

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