Saturday, 1 March 2014

Take your pick>> Cloth vs Dispossable Diapers

Heylos to all smart mommas out there, Diapering your baby with right type of diaper is the most important step for raising a healthy child.
There has been lot said and written about cloth diapers and disposables. What I believe is that no mother is bad whether it's cloth diaper mamma or the disposable.
So one as responsible mother should weigh pros and cons of both cloth and disposables diapers and then select the type of diaper for you little one.

Stereotyping for mothers who uses disposables as being careless and not sensitive towards her baby needs is baseless. If a mom uses disposable diapers and yet maintains the hygiene and changes the diaper after every3-4 hrs than yes the mom using disposable is doing commendable job.

And also if a mother is a cloth diaper mommas and keeps her soiled diapers piled up without 1st wash, and keeps her cloth diaper baby unattended with soiled or wet diaper for prolonged hours, then she is absolutely not maintaining hygiene standards for her child.

From selecting right type of baby products to select an appropriate baby gear, motherhood comes with lot of dilemmas. And with lot many options and brands available online and lot of baby shops coming up, momz like me gets more and more confused like never before.

So here is my post for, as guest blogger for their editorial on what all factors one should select diapers be it cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Please take a read and opt for the best diapering for your child.

Select the right diaper and good baby diapering essentials for comforting diapering days for your little one. 

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