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Fitness>Coffee>Movie fun @Momz' Space

Heylos to all smart mumz out there, I must admit that the entire month of February 2014 has been roller coaster. It began with healthy start by a free health workshop by Atrayee's ReviseDiet which was hosted by me to promote healthy lifestyle for momz. It helped me and other mom participants to make few simple changes in my lifestyle to live healthier life.

The fitness feb>>Momz meet was followed by a small momz get-together organised by Vidhi (From mums of Bangalore). Where I happen to interact with lot of urban momz from different spheres like medical, baking, hr, marketing, mompreneurs, tanjore art and so on. It was really amazing to talk with them in real life, as we use to interact a lot on virtual world created by Mums of Bangalore (Facebook Group). 

Coffee time with Cute momz (Mums of Bangalore) @CCD Indiranagar

It was in more surprising that I happen the meet one of the mom who was from by hometown as yet did schooling from the same school as mine. And also got to know that she was the the organiser of the meet i.e. Vidhi, we chatted so much in such short span, we discussed about hometown, we were spotting all friends we have in common.

Trust me it was sheer nostalgic trip for me!!! Thanks Vidhi for inviting. Before parting off, we all created a small group on wats app and named 'Cute Momz'.

Movie time with Cute mums and smart mums@Momz'space

Having like minded mommy friends from both 'Cute Momz' and '@Momz'Space' (Smart Momz At Home), I planned a movie time for all the momz who were movie buffs. And guess the movie name?? Yes it was Shaadi Ke Side Effects. I highly recommend the young parents and new moms to watch. We all enjoyed the movie time with like minded moms. 

Nidhi Bansal and Amrita from cute moms were not keeping well but still they so wanted to watch movie, and we all had fun. I happen to meet Madhvi and Renuka from meet up for the first time. I enjoyed my south Indian coffee with Silu and Renuka during interval. I was really good to see Asha once again, as she is my ardent participant of any momz meet hosted by me. I simply love her clarity, communication and punctuality.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects: 'We are Pregnant'

And yes about the movie, I loved it. Simply enjoyed the effortless chemistry between Vidya-Farhaan. Must say a commendable job by both. Yes, our good old boring critics also claimed, that Farhaan-Vidya together on screen was very unusable pair and did not look that great. Excuse me! In real life we couples do not look picture perfect like Yash Chopra or Karan Johar's movie. It was like just watching the replica of ones own life. If anyone asked me the usp of the film is the realistic screenplay and brilliant chemistry between Farhaan-Vidya as a lovably arguing couple on this age. The movie is not about right or wrong, but it's just a reflection of a reality of any urban couple. Yes, critics also claimed that the second half of the movie was boring and looked lost. But my dear critics we as a young parents also at times feel lost, confused and identity crisis. The movie Shaadi Ke Side Effects, is sheer reflection of reality, that's it, no drama, no mushy songs or flying leaves. Also there were not that great songs which i would like to hum on a long way.

Dad's darling having playtime

This movie was a special one for me as I was watching movie on big screen after almost 2.5 yrs. The last movie I saw was Rockstar... yesss it's ages ago. Phew! Finally I watched it, BINGO. Now my next target is to go clubbing with momz!! Can't wait to live my life like earlier.
To Akshaye, Thanks for being my support system
Thanks to my hubby , who takes care of my lo when am out meeting all cool momz. They plans everything for right from getting tickets to block the seats or book a table. Thanks akshaye for always encouraging me to live my life beyond motherhood. Akshaye - You are the Best Hubby and needless to say Best Dad.

My Smart mumz@momz'Space at 1st meet on 26th Jan, 2014
So now all smart mumz @ Momz'Space are anxiously waiting for 8th march, i.e Women's Day. We are bunch of  super enthu moms meeting for lazing long lunch at Italian Lounge. Looking forward to meet all super momz and enthu momz once again and have fun.

We have so many ideas in our mommy heads like scuba diving, spa, picnic day with kids, trip to innovativeplex with kids and the list goes endless. Hoping to at least cover as many as we can in the year 2014.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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