Monday, 31 March 2014

Know your bottle basics ...

Heylos to all smart mommies and deddas, with regular tummy time routine, clean bottle hygiene and right type of bottle used to feed your, will help you to enjoy motherhood with no colicky night duty. So to pick a right kind of bottle and it's attachment is an trial and error task, to finally pick the right bottle for your low. 

There are various factors that bottle is picked for you lo. Some of the bottle basics are nipples, material (Glass/Steel/BPA Free plastic), shape and also visual appearance at times. 

This time for my guest baby blog for , I've written about how to select a right kind of bottle for your lo and what all bottle basics one should know before selecting the right bottle for your Lo.

So here is my views, opinions and suggestions on bottle basics. It's guided by doctors tips, suggested by real moms and approved by my Lo. 


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