Thursday, 6 March 2014

Join Mompreneurs Meet I

It must be busy busy month for all moms out there. Keeping up with upcoming festivities like Holi, coping with health issues in kids with season change and exam fever running throughout the month. But it would be even more difficult for momz who run business on her own as it's also a year end for some entrepreneurs. Being a Smart Mom at Home I do understand how difficult is to manage kid, household chore or attending unexpected guests. But i often wonder that how difficult it would be for a mom who runs the Business. 
Yes, I agree I do work from home for some assignments like business writing, content development, personal coaching and other mommy blog related stuff. 
At times I really have almost no time to spare for myself, with my blog running, hosting events like momz meet like every weekend of the month. 
But yes, I do enjoy freedom to day 'NO' to the overflowing assignment or unpleasing product review. What makes me write this blog is that I was wondering how difficult it could be for a mom to run the business.

Like am very sure they would be always on their toes to meet the deadlines, dealing with vendor, employees, grievance and the list goes endless. Also other challenges like striking the right balance between work-life balance.

I know lot of mompreneurs personally, and trust me they have been always inspiring.
Yes, when I call a Stay At Home Mom as a 'Smart Mom At Home and Working Momz as Super Momz, then I would definetly term Mompreneurs as a 'Rockstar Mom'. Giving more insight into it, Events@Momz'Space (Smart Momz At Home) is hosting a Momz Meet for Mompreneurs in Bangalore.

This meet is organised in association with ''. They already have an ongoing initiative to support and encourage mompreneurs from across the country.

Any one who is a mom and runs the Business from office or work can participate in this event.

This event is organised to facilitate the strong networking among the Business moms and get inspiration and guidance from other established mompreneurs. 
Below mentioned are few details of the event:

Momz Meet: Being Mompreneurs

This meet is being organised to support and help start up mompreneurs and build strong networking amongst well established mompreneurs of Bangalore. SMART MOMZ AT BUSINESS hosted in association with Meet Our Mompreneurs

 Date: 2nd April 2014, Wednesday 

  • Business Challenges for Momprenuers 
  • Business Networking for Mompreneurs 

For participating in the event please mail us at | |

Also do not forget to send mail with the subject line>>
Momz Meet: Being Mompreneurs. Click here for Facebook Event Link

(Please note participants need to pay registration fees Rs 100 at the event location.)

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