Tuesday, 11 March 2014

PICNIC TIME with mom and kids

Heylos mommys my last week was awesome it began with park trip to cubbon park with mom and kids.

This meet was hosted by my mommy friend sheetal. We both share many things in common and also have a common dream, will share soon :)

I remember my mom use to take us for garden trip , along with colony kids and some of our classmate.

The destination was not that fancy but we all loved our picnic time @ IFFCO gadern , the only one we had in our small town. We use to love that small picnic time with some play and snacks.

This trip to CUBBON PARK was very nostalgic for me.though we did not go to bal bhavan as it was the first time for us to visit Cubbon Park with kids.

Kids were more than happy to play with ball and run around the park and eat their finger food. So all you smart momz, take your kids out to play, set them free and you too enjoy some good time with other mommy friends.

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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