Thursday, 27 March 2014

Put on your Shoes Dad!!!

Held high! Erishka playing with her dad
Heylos to all smart moms, once you are mom the most tirisng and demanding task is uploading and downloading i.e Breastfeeding and Diapering. In my previous post I have written about pros and cons of Cloth diapers and disposable diapers. This time as a Guest Mommy writer for, I'm writing about how to motivate your hubby to help you in diapering.

Having a support and helping hand from hubby is just like a blessing for any new mom. As being dad they cannot take over our breastfeeding task, but yes of course they can help us in changing diapers. And trust me they are really good at it and sometimes quicker and better than hands on mom. \
Dad is feeding milkshake to Erishka
I think parenting comes with undivided responsibility as well as pride, so keep encouraging your hubby when he helps you with making baby food, changing diapers or making formula milk for your lo. Give him complements for his work and this will make him feel special and proud to help you.

So all you smart deddas out there, put on shoes and get going on Diapering duty. Meanwhile, new mommy can sip a cup of jasmine or green tea and relax herself. By being on Diapering duty, it gives all dads an opportunity to connect with thier little one. Kudos to all rockstar dads who helps moms by taking care of their lo.

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