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Summer a Special>> Think Beyond Summer Camps

Phew!! it did rain yesterday, and my lo was loving it. It was such a relief for Bangaloreans as we were being baked under sun @35 -36' Degrees. The climate was awesomely good, I also prepared hot and spicy vada pav for dinner yesterday. 
My lo is still wondering, like where this water coming from
 My lo was amused to see water showering from sky, she kept on saying, "What is this? Water! Water! Wow! Water!" Summer comes with lot of happiness like season of tropical fruits including king of fruits 'Mango', holidays for kids, visiting guests and a week long trips with family. Summer is the full package of fond memories with friends, family and food.
But these days the new culture have cropped called, 'Summer camps mania'.
Persistent parents ensures that thier kids must do so and so activities in stipulated time of 2-3 months of vacations. During my childhood, my mom use to set us free, we use to join some classes like hobby/computer, visit relatives house for few weeks, going for a trip with family and explore new places. There are so many other things you can do than just making them join prolonged hours tedious pseudo summer camps running around in every corner of the city. Yes am not against the summer camps, but it should be a complimentary activity and not compulsory or imposed activities.
During Pondy trip she is counting sea shells collected by her at beach

Like I said earlier, kids have ample of time to spend with parent during summer holidays and the time spent is memorable. So why miss an opportunity to spend qualitative and quantitative time with your little one. I do understand that our super moms (aka working mothers) have no option but have to rely on summer camps. But there is a small change one can make as working mom, like going to a amusement park with kids, take a surprise leave from work and take your child for a movie (Why to wait for weekends), take them to city museums/parks/other attractions. Because once they grow up, they will not have time for you.
'PLAY DATE' @Defence colony Park, Indiranagar

Am not saying that all the parents to go out of their way and do things for kids, but just a suggestion if they can think something innovative other than just sending them to 'Summer Camps'. I still remember we all cousins use to from a huge circle including parents and elders of eh family, and we all use to play simple games related to maths (tables) and memory (reciting entire list without missing a link word). We use to make small groups and play langadi, ludo , snakes - ladders, statue, hide and seek and the list goes endless. At least we urban parents can play one indoor and out door games in a week.

My lo made new friends at mom n kids weekend trip
Recently we smart moms went for a weekend trip with kids and we all played throw ball (kids vs moms) of course kids won. We enjoyed the wildlife safari, spotted bear, elephant, deers, crocks, tiger, white tiger and the experience was amazing. though my little one could recognize only elephant, Indian cow and monkey. I know she won't remember this trip when she grows up but am sure she was enjoying playing with other kids and seeing few known animals (out of the books) like elephant, monkey and cow.

It was first time that i was hosting meet up for moms along with kids. We were bunch of five moms, Asha ( Smart momz At home, kudos to her for raising her son and daughter in a very well behaved and disciplined manner) who helped me to finalize the place and booking the resort, Varsha a super mom (working mom) to a cutie Aadhya who is singing star in making, Renuka a rockstar mom ( mompreneur - runs a fashion boutique) mom to a beautiful baby girl Rhea and Madhvi a proud single parent (working mom) to a 10 year old Poo (Parvati) and me a mother blogger - mom to 22 months old naughty Erishka. 
We all enjoyed the sports, trampoline climbing, jumping, safari, latenight talks with varsha and renuka, jam session at clubhouse. Thanks to all moms who made this trip memorable.

So apart from brainstorming on what activities your kids should join or learn during this summer holidays, we as a responsible parent must also keep check on their kids' Dehydration Symptoms and how can you keep your child cool this summer. Also try new summer coolers which are non-fizzy, healthy, natural and yummy. This will help your child to be summer safe and have happy and healthy holidays.

So all smart mommies, what are you waiting for? Put on your shoes and start playing indoors as well as out door sports with your kids. Trust me! They will value your efforts and time spent for life time.

 Have a happy, safe and most importantly a memorable summer holidays!!!


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