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MM Mantra @ Mompreneurs Meet-I

Heylos to all smart mommies, am sure you all must be on your toes with kids running in house in summer holidays. This April 2014, Momz'Space had an awesome beginning with a an insightful meet with Mompreneurs of Bangalore. this meet was hosted by Momz'Space in association with MyBabyCart.Com. 
It was an interactive session between established mompreneurs of bangalore and moms of Bangalore who aspired to be mompreneur in near future. For me as a mother blogger I've always quoted stay at home momz as Smart Momz At Home, Working momz who strikes the right balance with work-life-family I call them 'Super Moms' and mompreneurs who meets deadlines, manages home, social life, deals with vendors, manages staff, I call them a real 'Rockstar momz'.

For all those mompreneurs and aspiring mompreneurs who could not attend the meet and anxiously requested me to post a quick recap of top tips and tricks shared by established business moms present at mompreneurs meet.

So here you go, following are top tips and tricks which we term it as MM Mantra i.e Mompreneurs Mantra, shared by the participants of mompreneurs meet.

1) Have Faith in your Passion
 Yes!, Passion Kalpana Rao from Pari's M2B (Maternity and nursing range) stressed on having faith in our passion. she is in this business of maternity and nursing clothing range from past 19 years. It was a privileged for all our participants as she shared lot many of her life experiences. She said, "Faith, perseverance, determination, firm belief, smart and hard work and a never say die attitude are a must. The more negatives or no's people give you that should make a person more determined. Think positive, when we think positively, we draw positive vibes, positive people and all positive energies towards us and the same goes for negativity, draws all the possible negative energy towards us. It is a decision an individual must take and please understand everything is possible and the power to make it happen rests within us. Shahrukh Khan's dialogue in Om Shanti Om,'Agar tum sache dil se chaho, to puri kayanat ek ho jati hai tumhari khawish ko pura karne ke liye.' Meaning, when you wish for something from deep within your heart, the entire universe will conspire to fulfill your wish. Closing line, 'Picture abhi baki hai mera dost, this is not the end'

2) Do Not Mix Passion and Business

It's always great to have a job which is passion driven. But Archana Mutyala  from Winnaki Kids, firmly believes that when it comes to run a business, please see to it that you do not mix passion with Business. She further adds to it, "When you are having losses in business , no fire for passion can keep going the business. You have to accept the failure and stop your current business and start new one. There is no harm in putting full stop to something of which you aren't gaining anything except losses. It will be wise move, if you see your dream project not working, analyses it's causes for failure and start a new venture."

3) All about Co-Founder and partnership

Humeera from Bundle of Joy (Retail shop for Baby products) shares her views on partnerships and co-founder, "The relationship is very vulnerable to petty disputes be it sooner or later, it's a very sensitive relationship just like you have with a spouse." 

Also we had a different perspective on partnership from Deepika Goel -founder of Mompreneurs' Community BizMomz, " I think partnership is very important for mompreneurs as you have someone with similar personality to share burden related to child, family and business as well. If your child falls sick suddenly, you'll be always given benifit of daoubt by your mommy business partner. I feel partnership works only when it's between like minded personality which compliments each other".

4) Perseverance

Mridula Arora founder of online baby shop '' says, 'Perserverance, will pay it's rewards. Keep trying till you reach your goal." She further adds, "Perseverance does not only mean to keep trying the same thing again and again with no goal achieved. You need to try different options for the same task. What I believe is that if there is a problem, then there has to be solution, if one solution is not working, try another one."

She also suggests all aspiring mompreneurs to apply 10 seconds formula, adding to it she says, "10 seconds formula is not for finding solution but for replying..its means you take some time before you say No/Yes. If somebody is giving you an idea/suggesting something don't just respond with No but take 10 seconds to think & then respond. This 10 seconds formula has worked wonders, you would be amazed with it's miracalous effect on you and your business thinking."

At the end of the session we all had fun doing graffiti, I hope the excerpts from the mompreneurs meet and the MM Mantra shared by established Mompreneurs would help all aspiring mompreneurs to get more clarity in their vision.


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