Monday, 30 June 2014

Embracing the 'Puberty'

Few months back my very close friend who is also a member of my one of my smart mommy group had written an insightful article on "How to educate your Girl Child about Puberty?" It was a very enlightening article for the first time moms of a girl child. The article was all about how to make a happy transition for little girl towards the womanhood.Yes, it's it not a pity , not a shame and not at all a TABOO, the red is beautiful.

Recently I came across two amazing video called 'Beauty of Red' and 'Always#likeaGirl', yes indeed after watching these video I realized that it's all in the perception we form or condition in little girls mind. It's a worth sharing for developing happy and healthy transition for a little girl towards motherhood.

Please watch the video and understand the beauty of Red and spread the same with parents of little girls, adolescent girls and other organizations like school community. These videos will help your little angel to build strong self esteem, love themselves being girl, and have happy transition towards womanhood.

I hope this article might help you understand your child better during their transitional days of adolescence. Please do share your feedback, I be more than glad to know your views and ideas on the same.

Nidhi@Moms' Me Space

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Fathers Day Special with Free Printables

Hello to all deddas, dad, pa, papa, dadday, I 'm sure yo all would have had good fun with your kids by celebrating 'Fathers Day'. In my previous baby blog for I did mention that fathers do have difficulties in expressing themselves. And this time with the Kidz'Kitchen in Association with KydzAdda had organised fun-filled activities for Dad and their little, which helped them to build a stronger bond of a father and child.
A dad's book, Best Father Award & good morning wish for Meethi's Dad
For me it was a mad-mad day for me as we had an engagement function to attend (10am till lunch) and Erishka was really not it mood to get ready. A day prior to Fathers Day before i went to bed (after doing all kitchen and craft prep for fathers day celebrationa at KydzAdda) I just wrote happy fathers day -meethi on a chalkboard' to greet my hubby on behalf of Erishka. He simply love the gesture :-)

The event 'Fathers Day' was hosted in association with KydzAdda(Owned by Deepti: a dotting mompreneur and my mommy friend from Momz'Space) It was the one of the rarest moment where you could find Dad and his little one makes yummy pizza-tangy lemonade, makes creative Fathers day card and ended the event by handing over best Dad Certificate, DadBook and Kidz'Kitchen Recipes.

Adding more to the fun we also arrange a Bollywood Jam session for only Dads and kids. It's always that moms dance to the tunes played by kids (Pun intended) but this time it was Dad's turn. And trust me the dancing stunts they did during Jam-session am sure sure no mom can match up to their dance steps. Kids were enjoying to the most along with dad and moms were also busy enjoying their hubby's sharing the rarest moment of all. All kids love taking back a record book for Dad, and with help of mom they will fill it and gift them to Dad.
I hope you all doting dads would have had fun on celebrating Fathers Day. For all who missed out here are the free printable. Here are the few D-I-Y simple steps to create your very own Dad record book and make your dad feel special; 
1) Place your cursor on the image, click right of the mouse tab,
2)And save the below image,
3) take a colour (optional) printout of all 5 pages,
4) Stack it together, punch it on left middle,
5) Insert a colourful ribbon through punched hole and
6) tie a bow, ta-da, your colourful DIY dad-book is ready to gift your rocking dad.




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Sunday, 15 June 2014

How to overcome depression post motherhood?

After being a mother, a lot many changes come in our life, in both ways physically as well as emotionally. For each mom this depression phase comes in different forms and stages of motherhood. Like a new mother may suffer from post-natal depression, some moms-to-be faces pre-natal depression and moreover some mom does experience 'Depression' a much later when their kids start going to play-school or enters teenage. This time our new Guest Blogger on the board 'Asha Kudari' mother of two grown up kids Shreyas (14yrs) and Tanvi (10yrs). 
Asha with her kids Tanvi and Shreyas

In our recent Watsapp chat group there was a huge discussion on a thread of depression, so our real 'Rockstar Mom' - Asha Kudari thought of sharing her secret tips for overcoming depression in motherhood. I would also like to add that I really admire Asha as a new age modern mom with lots of sensibility and understanding.  

During our mom and kids  weekend trip we all moms admire the way she have raised her kids, the ways she takes care of health and well-being (without overlooking her home responsibility). I must admit that Asha is the 'Smart Mom At Home'. Kudos to her energy and spirit. So please read the below written article by her on tips an tricks for mothers to overcome 'Depression' and make the journey of motherhood more enjoyable.

'How to overcome Depression?' - By Asha Kudari

The word “Depression” is so familiar to all of us. It is used so casually in our daily lives. But this casual word is responsible for lots of bigger problems. A depressed mother cannot raise a healthy child. Let’s not ignore depression but let’s recognize it, at its early stage and help ourselves to overcome it. Yes, "it’s only me who can help myself, nobody else can", is the first responsibility that we have to take on ourselves, and then things happen for good. Feel the power within yourself and strength will come.

Quoting from the movie Krishh, "Krishh ek soch hai", yes superpower is just a belief or faith. If you believe enough that you have it within you, then you have it. So, what are the different possible ways to fight depression? Just some simple techniques are sufficient. It is a myth that only spa can rejuvenate. Not that I am against spa but if moms cannot afford spa, they lose nothing.

Food, Rest and Sleep:

  1. Make it a point to eat nutritious food on time no matter what.
  2. Rest well. Let the clothes, books and toys lie around the house. Do not sort them until u have rested well. Even if the maid does not turn up, just relax and empathize with her, thinking she must have been caught in a much bigger problem. Just do whatever you can do without feeling tired & bogged down.
  3. Good sleep rejuvenates your body, mind & soul. So, sleep well. For mothers of little babies, sleep when baby sleeps.

Exercise and Meditation:

  1. Do any form of exercise you like for at least 45minutes in a day. Walking, jogging, gym, swimming, badminton, aerobics, yoga anything will do. It will release good hormones and keeps you away from getting depressed. Make exercise a part of everyday life. If you are doing all household chores like washing, cleaning, dusting then it’s a good exercise too.
  2. Meditating every day for at least 10 minutes will bring in calmness to the mind. Just close your eyes and sit in a quiet place and breathe slowly. Allow thoughts to come in and observe the thoughts. Do not judge the thoughts. Over a period of time you will learn what meditation can do to you. Have faith and practice.
  3. You can play and jump with your kids. There can be no better exercise than this.


  1. Indulge in something you love. It can be reading, music, movies, writing, cooking, and travelling. Try to do it whenever you get spare time. 
  2. Watch your favorite show on TV. Laugh and be silly.

Get Inspired:

  1. There are many heroes around us. Read about them, get to know about them and consider someone your role model. 
  2. In trying times, just close your eyes and imagine what your role model would have done if they were in your position.

Ignore Negativities:
  1. Do not let anyone steal your smile.
  2. Turn a deaf ear to comparisons, unwanted advises.
  3. Be confident that you are unique and have your own strengths. Beauty lies in diversity. 

Opposites attract
Just imagine how you will feel if after getting up in the morning you see that everyone is like you. Life will be too boring if all are same.

Get help:

  1. Talk to people you trust and let go of negativeness. Accept their help and feel grateful. You too can help someone in need and feel happy about it. Life is all about give & take. Above all, love yourself. You are the most precious person to your child. So it’s a commitment that you do for your children that you will stay healthy & happy no matter what problems life throws at you.
  2. Meeting a counselor or psychiatrist is considered horrible in our society. But, this attitude is wrong. Getting professional medical help if needed is the best thing to do. When we can go to doctors to treat our body why not for the mind? Do not hesitate to visit a good professional if you feel you need help.
I hope these time tested tips and tricks from Asha would help you all smart moms who are undergoing Depression due to motherhood.


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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ring the Bell, it's school time now!

As discussed a bit of it in my last post, that the trauma of getting back to school still haunts me, though am a mother to two year old preschooler. The reason is that the transition from happy holidays to strict school driven routine is a kind of challenge for both a child as well as for the mother.

But needless to say that few changes made in just 1-2 weeks ahead from school re-opening date, it helps a lot to overcome back-to-school jitters. By following few simple, smart tips for smart moms to have hassle free start to the new academic year of their kids. Back-to-school also bring us to ground zero where we have make our fussy eaters to make healthy choices for food. An innovative yet healthy tiffin tips and tricks would definitely help your child to go school happily.

In my recent back-to school write up, I've mentioned that along with a good Bed-time routine and an organized pantry, one must (as a responsible parent) provide healthy tiffin options to their kids. Here are few back-to-school planning tips which will make the transition for both parents as well as for kids a bit smoother.Three meals and two snacks per day is a good guideline to follow. Also see to it that the school lunch box does include one portion of protien, one portion of carb and other of fiber rich snack item. See to it that you provide healthy choices and let her do some 'Trail and error' and never force your child to eat.

Adding to eat some motivation after the school time also helps them to have positive attitude towards school-going pattern. You may surprise your child by taking her to MacD, gift her a small toy/stickers or offer some sweet treats. Believe me! It works, they really get happy with small things in life. 

So all smart mommies out there, watch this space for more ideas and detail recipes of after school meals and evening snacks. I hope my suggestions on Back-to-school planning as well as Tiffin tips and tricks would help you to send your child happily to school, with no sob story or a guilt feeling attached.

Happy schooling, happy parenting!  


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Erishka Turns Two: Happy To To!!

Heylos to all lovely mommies, hope you all have settled now with the back-to-school blues. It has been really long that I have written much in last of the may. Yes we did celebrated Mothers Day with lot of fun and masti at a Mexican restaurant, 'Habanero' at Indiranagar. We all bunch of enthu moms enjoyed the Mexican food and of course the lovely company of each other. After lunch me, Deepika Goel and Renuka had a long chit-chat (as Renuka was leaving Bangalore for good to Mumbai ) till tea time. After this meet up we all did not plan any other meet at all as we all moms were busy in summer trips and attending few guests at home.

I was also busy doing preparation for my Lo's 2nd Birthday. Her 1st Birthday was a small celebrations with family members at Bhavnagar, Gujarat. And so this time, as she was able to relate to the celebration and connect with more people I wanted to have small celebrations with close friends in Bangalore. Celebrating a birthday specially, when you have too much on your hand, it really takes lot of efforts going out of your way. The Birthday Theme was 'Wheel on the Bus', as she loves that song and also enjoys watch bus pass by from our porche. She is doing actions for the same since she was 8 months old. And now she can also make some noises too.

For the party decorations I used to work during her nap-time  at noon and post mid-night when she is asleep. Yes! it was bit tedious task, but the smile on her face during the birthday was 'Priceless'. I had also planned few arts and craft activities but  I was so exhausted that I did not conduct any of those activities. The center of attraction of the party was my hand-made bus-shaped Pinnata. Though I goofed up by tapping it too much at the bottom, but kids loved bu-shape of it and the sweet treats inside. Though all decoration was created by me, Akshaye's friend Krunal and Umangi (Krunal's wife) was a  great help at the venue while setting up the Birthday Banner, bus-shape cup-cakes and the other decoration items.

One more centre of attraction for the party was the 'Birthday Cake'. No it was not the Bus-shape Birthday cake but a bus-shaped cup-cakes. So each of us got the sweet bus treat to eat, and yes it was yum! Though the cup-cakes idea was a unique concept, more than it's stand was more unique. I was looking for three tier cup-cake stand to hold 35 cup-cakes, but unfortunately it was not available. The cup-cakes available were either one tier or two tier. Somehow, the other options available were costing me over 2k, which was way too high for my budget for just a cake stand?! And so I came up with alternative cup-cake stand idea, and everyone loved it. It had a roadmap and destinations where generally Erishka goes everyday i.e park, school and home-sweet-home. Everyone loved it, and Erishka was amazed!

Thanks to all moms who attended the party and was part of our celebration. Though it was Monday, I was glad that all my mommy friends turned up including the working moms and mompreneurs. While going back home Erishka was throwing tantrums and acting clingy and cranky. in fact she was not allowing me to drive, so Umangi gave her few birthday presents to open, while she was busy opening the gifts, we finally reached home, Phew! On reaching home she was amazed by the lovely life size kitchen & shopping kit from naana-nani, Swing from Daada Dadi, Tri-cycle from Riddhi Di and Chota Bheem writing board from Rishabh. Though she was tired but she managed to open each and every gift, and enjoyed playing with all. I still remember my childhood days where I was super excited to open gifts, it's a thrill experience for any kid.

As holidays were getting over, I wanted to meet some moms who were in city. So one of my mommy friend Saroj suggested to have acasual coffee meet. This time we met along with kids, and all were new moms except Soumya. The bunch of moms were from Sarjapur and HSR (Deepika Gossain, Saroj, keerthi) and Neha Modi from Indiranagar. Thanks to Vidhi's Indiranagar cute moms group that I happen to meet Neha Modi. We both were so excited that we both reached to the decided place a much ahead than scheduled. Believe me! The Oasis mall was not even opened at that time. Adding to that we chatted for so long that we were waiting for lift without pressing the arrow button, Rofl. We all had good time eating snacks while kids had funtime at the play-zone. Out of nowhere I got a call from hubby, asking about how was the coffee meet with new moms, and I immediately retaliated by saying it's going on great. Apparently, he understood that I am still chit-chatting with moms, he firmly said, "Nidhi, it's 2:15pm, where are you?" I said, "Oh Emm Gee, it 2:15!". Ah! Me and soumya rushed hurriedly to my home, luckily my maid was still waiting outside for us. But all said and done, I loved ending my month by meeting fab new moms like Saroj (Dealer in Dress materials) , Neha (Owner of Party Pitara), Keerthi (Smart mom at home) and Deepika (Creative craft teacher).  Like all moms meet, these moms too wanted a clubbing meet, spa, movie time and the list is endless. And yes, the back-to-school trauma was haunting all of us but we lived the moment and enjoyed every sip of our coffee meet.

Happy to to to all mommies and kids out there!  


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