Monday, 30 June 2014

Embracing the 'Puberty'

Few months back my very close friend who is also a member of my one of my smart mommy group had written an insightful article on "How to educate your Girl Child about Puberty?" It was a very enlightening article for the first time moms of a girl child. The article was all about how to make a happy transition for little girl towards the womanhood.Yes, it's it not a pity , not a shame and not at all a TABOO, the red is beautiful.

Recently I came across two amazing video called 'Beauty of Red' and 'Always#likeaGirl', yes indeed after watching these video I realized that it's all in the perception we form or condition in little girls mind. It's a worth sharing for developing happy and healthy transition for a little girl towards motherhood.

Please watch the video and understand the beauty of Red and spread the same with parents of little girls, adolescent girls and other organizations like school community. These videos will help your little angel to build strong self esteem, love themselves being girl, and have happy transition towards womanhood.

I hope this article might help you understand your child better during their transitional days of adolescence. Please do share your feedback, I be more than glad to know your views and ideas on the same.

Nidhi@Moms' Me Space

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