Thursday, 12 June 2014

Erishka Turns Two: Happy To To!!

Heylos to all lovely mommies, hope you all have settled now with the back-to-school blues. It has been really long that I have written much in last of the may. Yes we did celebrated Mothers Day with lot of fun and masti at a Mexican restaurant, 'Habanero' at Indiranagar. We all bunch of enthu moms enjoyed the Mexican food and of course the lovely company of each other. After lunch me, Deepika Goel and Renuka had a long chit-chat (as Renuka was leaving Bangalore for good to Mumbai ) till tea time. After this meet up we all did not plan any other meet at all as we all moms were busy in summer trips and attending few guests at home.

I was also busy doing preparation for my Lo's 2nd Birthday. Her 1st Birthday was a small celebrations with family members at Bhavnagar, Gujarat. And so this time, as she was able to relate to the celebration and connect with more people I wanted to have small celebrations with close friends in Bangalore. Celebrating a birthday specially, when you have too much on your hand, it really takes lot of efforts going out of your way. The Birthday Theme was 'Wheel on the Bus', as she loves that song and also enjoys watch bus pass by from our porche. She is doing actions for the same since she was 8 months old. And now she can also make some noises too.

For the party decorations I used to work during her nap-time  at noon and post mid-night when she is asleep. Yes! it was bit tedious task, but the smile on her face during the birthday was 'Priceless'. I had also planned few arts and craft activities but  I was so exhausted that I did not conduct any of those activities. The center of attraction of the party was my hand-made bus-shaped Pinnata. Though I goofed up by tapping it too much at the bottom, but kids loved bu-shape of it and the sweet treats inside. Though all decoration was created by me, Akshaye's friend Krunal and Umangi (Krunal's wife) was a  great help at the venue while setting up the Birthday Banner, bus-shape cup-cakes and the other decoration items.

One more centre of attraction for the party was the 'Birthday Cake'. No it was not the Bus-shape Birthday cake but a bus-shaped cup-cakes. So each of us got the sweet bus treat to eat, and yes it was yum! Though the cup-cakes idea was a unique concept, more than it's stand was more unique. I was looking for three tier cup-cake stand to hold 35 cup-cakes, but unfortunately it was not available. The cup-cakes available were either one tier or two tier. Somehow, the other options available were costing me over 2k, which was way too high for my budget for just a cake stand?! And so I came up with alternative cup-cake stand idea, and everyone loved it. It had a roadmap and destinations where generally Erishka goes everyday i.e park, school and home-sweet-home. Everyone loved it, and Erishka was amazed!

Thanks to all moms who attended the party and was part of our celebration. Though it was Monday, I was glad that all my mommy friends turned up including the working moms and mompreneurs. While going back home Erishka was throwing tantrums and acting clingy and cranky. in fact she was not allowing me to drive, so Umangi gave her few birthday presents to open, while she was busy opening the gifts, we finally reached home, Phew! On reaching home she was amazed by the lovely life size kitchen & shopping kit from naana-nani, Swing from Daada Dadi, Tri-cycle from Riddhi Di and Chota Bheem writing board from Rishabh. Though she was tired but she managed to open each and every gift, and enjoyed playing with all. I still remember my childhood days where I was super excited to open gifts, it's a thrill experience for any kid.

As holidays were getting over, I wanted to meet some moms who were in city. So one of my mommy friend Saroj suggested to have acasual coffee meet. This time we met along with kids, and all were new moms except Soumya. The bunch of moms were from Sarjapur and HSR (Deepika Gossain, Saroj, keerthi) and Neha Modi from Indiranagar. Thanks to Vidhi's Indiranagar cute moms group that I happen to meet Neha Modi. We both were so excited that we both reached to the decided place a much ahead than scheduled. Believe me! The Oasis mall was not even opened at that time. Adding to that we chatted for so long that we were waiting for lift without pressing the arrow button, Rofl. We all had good time eating snacks while kids had funtime at the play-zone. Out of nowhere I got a call from hubby, asking about how was the coffee meet with new moms, and I immediately retaliated by saying it's going on great. Apparently, he understood that I am still chit-chatting with moms, he firmly said, "Nidhi, it's 2:15pm, where are you?" I said, "Oh Emm Gee, it 2:15!". Ah! Me and soumya rushed hurriedly to my home, luckily my maid was still waiting outside for us. But all said and done, I loved ending my month by meeting fab new moms like Saroj (Dealer in Dress materials) , Neha (Owner of Party Pitara), Keerthi (Smart mom at home) and Deepika (Creative craft teacher).  Like all moms meet, these moms too wanted a clubbing meet, spa, movie time and the list is endless. And yes, the back-to-school trauma was haunting all of us but we lived the moment and enjoyed every sip of our coffee meet.

Happy to to to all mommies and kids out there!  


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