Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ring the Bell, it's school time now!

As discussed a bit of it in my last post, that the trauma of getting back to school still haunts me, though am a mother to two year old preschooler. The reason is that the transition from happy holidays to strict school driven routine is a kind of challenge for both a child as well as for the mother.

But needless to say that few changes made in just 1-2 weeks ahead from school re-opening date, it helps a lot to overcome back-to-school jitters. By following few simple, smart tips for smart moms to have hassle free start to the new academic year of their kids. Back-to-school also bring us to ground zero where we have make our fussy eaters to make healthy choices for food. An innovative yet healthy tiffin tips and tricks would definitely help your child to go school happily.

In my recent back-to school write up, I've mentioned that along with a good Bed-time routine and an organized pantry, one must (as a responsible parent) provide healthy tiffin options to their kids. Here are few back-to-school planning tips which will make the transition for both parents as well as for kids a bit smoother.Three meals and two snacks per day is a good guideline to follow. Also see to it that the school lunch box does include one portion of protien, one portion of carb and other of fiber rich snack item. See to it that you provide healthy choices and let her do some 'Trail and error' and never force your child to eat.

Adding to eat some motivation after the school time also helps them to have positive attitude towards school-going pattern. You may surprise your child by taking her to MacD, gift her a small toy/stickers or offer some sweet treats. Believe me! It works, they really get happy with small things in life. 

So all smart mommies out there, watch this space for more ideas and detail recipes of after school meals and evening snacks. I hope my suggestions on Back-to-school planning as well as Tiffin tips and tricks would help you to send your child happily to school, with no sob story or a guilt feeling attached.

Happy schooling, happy parenting!  


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