Thursday, 31 July 2014

Take care, it's raining!

When my lo saw the raindrops shower over her for the first time, she was so happy and could not stop calling it 'Water, Water', 'Wow, Water'. In fact she was asking us how and from where water is falling, it was so cute. With drizzling dew drops of  rain and mystic smell of dampen soil, and sudden climate change out little one are ought to catch some cold other infection. 
 But with few tips and tricks followed by parents , may help you to strengthen their immunity, your lo can fight the battle of season change and enjoy monsoon happily. In my recent baby blog at, I've written some of the tried and tested tips which may help new moms to cope with seasonal change and enjoy the monsoon with their little ones. 

By keeping vaccination records up-to-date, follow hygiene routine, bathing your lo carefully and feeding balanced diet would help to build strong immunity amongst infants and toddlers. 

I hope my tips and tricks to fight seasonal diseases amongst kids would help you to the monsoon rains in carefree manner. Take care, have a healthy monsoon.

-xoxo Nidhi@Moms' Me Space

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

South Bangalore Moms Meet

Heylos to all mommies, first of all apologies for not posting much in the entire month of July. You can say that I was in an 'Absolute' (Pun intended) holiday mood. My birthday month kick started with an awesome moms meet @ South Bangalore, at KydzAdda Banshankari. this meet was special to me at it would be my last moms meet before I turn 30. We decided to have our moms meet at south Bangalore as most of my mommy friends are from SoBa (South Bangalore), and they always go out of their way and come to my meets in Koremangla. So I really wanted to do something special for them this time.


It was hosted at Kydzadda -one of the biggest play zone for kids, the best part was that it had a cafeteria too. So kids can enjoy at play zone while we mommies had few hours of relieve and talk with other moms. And thanks to Deepthi Mahesh (Owner of KydzAdda) for customising the lunch menu as per our mommy needs. Moms and kids enjoyed reading books at reading corner too. I met few new moms too, it's always good to see new faces and make new mommy friends. Few of them actually knew me, not that I am famous but thanks to my Meet up group for moms.
Catching up with Hima

This time I was quite a bit late for meet, Apologies to all once again. We started our meet with an interesting games i.e Diaper game and guess the number? organised by Deepthi. Both the games wear fun to play, and adding to it we also got few prizes ( Arrgh! I did not win). Congratulations to moms ho took home an attractive pot-pouri.

Yes, new moms were bit hesitant to open up and these games did the job of ice breaker. I am sure that I'll hear more talks and see more actions from new moms in next meet at South Bangalore. However, our very own mommy friends Pallavi, Hima, Pushpa and Varsha made the meet memorable with few dance moves at Bollywood Jam Session.
Yes, the bollywood dancing was a cherry topping, as we all were dying to dance on Bollywood numbers. Later we also pulled our kids from play zone to dance floor though they were reluctant but started jumping once they entered dance floor. We missed our good old South Bangalore mommy friends i.e Madhvi, Mansi, Archana to name few.

This was the second time that I took Erishka along with me to moms meet. Last time when I took her to Renuka's Farewell / Mothers Day, though the food/beverages was awesome, but trust me I did not enjoy as much as we moms wear just busy taking care of kids. Unlike mothers day, this time we all had good time with food, fun, dance and that too with no added stress.

Looking forward to see more new moms in next South Bangalore Meet. Watch this space for my upcoming blog on turning 30, how does it feel? How am I coping with it? my memorable birthday celebrations and post birthday blast with my Parents Suprised visit.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mompreneur Meet II

"We firmly believe that anyone who is a mom can be a Entrepreneur." - MM Mantra

After the success of our Mompreneurs Meet I (Business Networking and Promotion) hosted in April 2012, in association with MyBabyCart.Com we are back Mompreneurs Meet II. And this time the agenda is 'Know your Customer' which will help the start up mompreneurs or aspiring mompreneurs to get an insight of 'What your customer thinks' or 'How can you convert your potentiaal customer into long term paying client?' 

Being new to market or business person you may have hired an excellent PR/marketing professional and adding to it you would have also spent a lot in marketing materials like memberships, exhibitions, stalls or other mompreneur sales targeting set up. But by knowing your customer will enable you to hit the right chord and not be wasting time in other ineffective marketing tools.

Yes this time we will focus on 'Know Your Customer'. Just like you cannot make a perfect coffee for someone unless you know the person, it is not possible to have long term success without knowing your customer. The Mompreneurs Meet-II will give you an insight into what your customer's think, how to convert your potential customer into your long term clients. It will be an interactive meet of like minded mompreneurs, market experts and aspiring mompreneurs too. And also we have some surprise for the participants.

This meet is being hosted by MyBabyCart.Com and to help the start-up mompreneurs to connect, share and support each other and form a healthy community. The vision of this meet is to build strong networking amongst well established mompreneurs as well as the aspiring Mompreneurs. Snacks and beverages is sponsored by KYDZADDA - Masti Unlimited it is a largest Playzone for kids in Bangalore. And Sweet Treats are being sponsored by Vidhi Raisighania - a hands on Home-baker and an aspiring mompreneurs.

Mompreneurs Meet-II
Agenda: Know Your Customer
Venue: AttaGalatta, Koramangala
Date: 24th July, 2014
Day: Thursday
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00pm

Please note that this meet is for invited participant only. To get an official invitation with elaborated agenda please confirm your registration by mailing at | with subject line 'Mompreneurs Meet'. Participation Fee: Rs 350 per head. Limited Seats Only! To Block your Seat, Buy Online Now!