Thursday, 31 July 2014

Take care, it's raining!

When my lo saw the raindrops shower over her for the first time, she was so happy and could not stop calling it 'Water, Water', 'Wow, Water'. In fact she was asking us how and from where water is falling, it was so cute. With drizzling dew drops of  rain and mystic smell of dampen soil, and sudden climate change out little one are ought to catch some cold other infection. 
 But with few tips and tricks followed by parents , may help you to strengthen their immunity, your lo can fight the battle of season change and enjoy monsoon happily. In my recent baby blog at, I've written some of the tried and tested tips which may help new moms to cope with seasonal change and enjoy the monsoon with their little ones. 

By keeping vaccination records up-to-date, follow hygiene routine, bathing your lo carefully and feeding balanced diet would help to build strong immunity amongst infants and toddlers. 

I hope my tips and tricks to fight seasonal diseases amongst kids would help you to the monsoon rains in carefree manner. Take care, have a healthy monsoon.

-xoxo Nidhi@Moms' Me Space

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