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P.S. A happy mom raises a happy child

Heylos to all lovely moms there!  While talking to of my mommy friends, a thought came to my mind. It goes like way - we as  moms-to-be or new moms, tend to treat our body during pregnancy and post pregnancy with utter importance and take a lot of care. Likewise, in my case, I use to watch my health in a more careful manner when I was pregnant and even more till I breastfed my child. I also quit tea/coffee/soda and other junk food to ensure tht my little one has a healthy start. But the moment I stopped breastfeeding, I somehow, unknowingly, started ignoring my health.

When my LO was just 2.5 or so, it was very convenient for me to ignore myself by giving a mere excuse that I do not have any added support and have to take care of my LO all single handedly. Being in a nuclear family and also being Stay (Smart) at home mom, neither did I have the luxury of babysitting nor 24/7 maid in-line to help me.

Needless to say, the ever-supporting nature of my hubby kept me going. But in spite of him helping me in household chores and sharing other responsibilities of the house, there was something which was lacking in my life- the punk and the spark. 

Yes, I was not attending my friends’ calls again giving them the same lame excuse that I am busy with my little one. I refrained myself from shopping- thinking it’s very much time consuming, I use to ‘not dress up’ thinking that carrying a baby diaper bag and a breastfeeding cloak was more than enough. This was something which was bothering my hubby that I am losing myself, the real ‘Me - Nidhi’.

My recent post on baby blog of is on how to 'Be yourself' and keep sane after motherhood. I should personally thank my hubby to make me realise that I also posses an individual identity than just being tagged as 'Erishka's mom'. And yes his motivation and guidance from my mom helped me to gather myself (the real me) and enjoy the life just the way I use to before being mom. I have also shared few tips and tricks which worked for me to overcome the post partum phase with flying colours :-)

Quoting my mom from her experience, “It’s only you who can help yourself, you need to take care of your health and well-being. You will enjoy queen-like pampering till you are pregnant, but once you are a mom, no one will spoon feed you”. Read more>>

P.S. A happy :-) mom raises a happy  :-) child


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Guest Blog: The FUN of Mommi-fication

Heylos to all, am more than glad to introduce Debolina Coomar as a new  guest blogger on the block. We share lot many things in common like we both are mother blogger, freelance writer with the past career in Corporate Communication. But unlike me she is more more bubbly and finds humour in every phase of life.When I spoke to her for the first time I was simply in awe of her energy, humour and happy-go-lucky attitude. She is the new mom tagging 8 months old baby girl with lots and lots of positivity and laughter in her life. Thanks to social media that I got connected with her.

Her guest blog is very much like her humorous yet witty. I enjoyed reading her writing which actually gave me break from the daily mundane. Trust me, while reading her article I was dwelling in different world. Am sure my readers would love her writing, just like me :-)

Debolina, a sincere thanks for your contribution, and looking forward for more creative articles on motherhood from your end ;-)

The FUN of Mommi-fication- By Debolina Coomar

Yes you heard it right. I am going to talk about mommi-fication. Though the word does not exist in thesaurus, I believe it is quite an important one to be included. I am sure after my justified revelation, they will!

The resemblance to 'mummification' is both in terms of spelling and a bit in meaning. Let me explain why. Mummification is an ancient Egyptian art of preserving the body after death with all the favourite things by one’s side. This might be a crude way to put it but this is how it goes. And 'mommification' is the most ancient world art of not preserving the body after child birth and forgetting all about one's favourite things; this is how I put it. It was not to be taken in a negative sense at all. This piece is just to remind you mommies of theat fact that you too need to take care of your body and yourself post pregnancy. Do not make yourself look like zombies as they do after 'mummification'. 

Let's make the process of 'mommification' a beautiful one to preserve our mind and soul. The feeling of being a 'mother' is one of the most enthralling experience in a women's life, no doubts to it. But many mothers starts getting agitated with facts like joint pains, sagging bellies, sleepless nights, baby stress and many such issues after their pregnancy. It is better not to get tensed about what pregnancy did to your body, rather enjoy what it did to your mind. You can take it like now you have a new companion to tag along. Say you are dying for a DBC, who better to give you company than your beloved child but yes, you have to wait a while for this.

So you see it is time to have some FUN being a mother. Let’s see what all FUN you can have being a mommy.

I do not have any facts or figures to display nor am I going to tell you which cereal is good for your child or where to get a fancy dress for your kid or tips to follow when your child is not going to sleep. I am here to talk about YOU. And if you also wish to find YOU, then read along. You will find a new FUN in your motherhood.

Face all realities with elation: Motherhood brings in a mixed gamut of feeling and responsibilities. Some make you happy while others leave you in desperation but alas you cannot ignore any. And if you do not do a good job at any of them, you are judged. So mommies, face anything and everything that comes along with a renewed zeal every time. Being able to spend sleepless nights probably will make you a better party animal, being able to soothe your baby makes you a patient person and a good negotiator, being able to feed your baby within a stipulated time makes you a better time manager (you can improve every time), being able to make an art or craft for your child makes you a creative guru or finding the perfect fancy dress will make you a great explorer. And the list goes on; everything you do makes you a better person. 

Unleash all your energy:
Unleash all your energy in raising your kid, do whatever he/she does, play with them, run with them, scribble on the walls, jump on the bed and everything you did or wanted to do as a kid. You can probably cry with them too to let your emotions out. Kids bring out a whole new emotion self of yours. Cherish it till you can. The more you energise running, playing, jumping with your child, the more calories you burn, trust me. In case, no calories left to burn, just do it for fun. Go out for shopping, click loads of pictures, take a joy ride, watch a movie, have a pyjama party, arrange a fancy dress at home, take a walk to the park, and ride on the swing and almost everything. 

Never stop loving yourself: Few days back, I was watching a flick called Mom’s Night Out, where an exasperated mother of three went out on a night out leaving the kids with their father and how the course of events only revolved around the kids and it ended in a disaster. But one thing the female protagonist and of course myself picked up from the story is that we mothers need to love ourselves. 

Pamper ourselves with a spa or massage every week probably, get ourselves a funky new top or high heels almost every month almost or read a book every week, say. Actually, whatever we choose to do for ourselves, we have to go ahead and do it. Join a local community club, meet friends over the weekend for dinner, join a ladies’ Whatsapp group, make new friends, and plan a meet out and so on. You will be glad to find many more like you.

Take up an old hobby; make something for your child; take their help in making that; make them learn a new song; write few lines on anything even if you are not much of a writer; you can just do wonders. If you are in business, do not ‘just’ advertise online; make it interesting with creative pamphlets or even a tagline. If you are not, just do whatever you feel like. Just love yourself as much as you can and others will follow.

I guess too much of advice but trust me friends, there is no success formula to be a good mother or a wife - you just have to play by the rule and sometimes break them too. And when you are done with all this, you deserve a peaceful sleep, handover your child to your hubby for a night and off you go. And before that just think of all the FUN you are going to have tomorrow – all the realities you might face, how to unleash your energy and a new way to love yourself.

Your kids and your husband will love you for the cool person you are. And once you learn to have fun in mommi-fication, you will surely be called the “Mommy Returns” :-) 


About Debolina: She is a firm believer of 'live & let live', she like to enjoy the tidbits of life as it comes by. As a person who enjoys reading and interacting with people, and also exciting to write about emotions, lifestyle, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. On career front, she is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. person and currently mother to a lovely 8 month old daughter and a freelancer creative writer. She strive to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective and shares her favourite quote (Walt Disney): "If you can dream it, you can do it."
Read her blog here.

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Weekly Breakfast Planner for Toddlers

I am really excited to have a new guest blog by one of my mommy friend (Pooja). I met Pooja on social media where we both were sharing healthy food options to give our little ones.  I loved watching her breakfast videos and so I invited her to write for my mommy friends and give them few ideas on planning weekly breakfast. 

I still remember when I spotted her video over YouTube featuring her son eating breakfast.  I could relate to what I was blogging about healthy food options for kids. We exchanged quite a few mails appreciating each others work and knowing each other and followed it with speaking on phone couple of times. 

Almost after 6 months we met accidentally at Moya's Play date at BumbleBees, Malleshwaram. We were observing each other, then immediately recognised and got the 'Aha, effect'. I shared with her that I see many less videos from her channel these days. But then, I was more than happy ;-) to know that she got a part-time job (Work From Home) and which leaves no space for her to create videos. I introduced her to my parents who also joined me and Erishka at Play Date. Then we did some chatting here and there, about kids and parenting. I really enjoyed  every bit of the conversation with her. 
Erishka eating puffed rice

So this time she has contributed her guest blog on healthy breakfast options and how to plan a weekly planner for toddlers. Some how we both feel that if we give many healthy options for our child at one meal, kids do explore, develop taste for varied ingredients and somewhat finish the plate than usual one item meal options. 

Here am not talking about all 'Chhappan bhog' which our moms and mils talk about', just basic few healthy things varied in taste, colour and texture will enable child to develop a healthy eating habits.

Ideas for healthy breakfast planner for toddlers
By Pooja-Kotian Mahesh Kudva
Are you one of those moms (working or not) who is most of the time contemplating and pondering on what to feed her toddler for breakfast? Let's face it, with those sleepy eyes, breakfast is a hard one to settle on, let alone accomplish because we can't deny that it is the most important meal of the day. 
Erishka enjoying her meal

I have put together a few pictures of my son's (who is 3+) breakfast dishes just to give you all busy moms some cue on how you can go about.

Neither am I a dietician nor am I a chef. But, having taken on the role of a mother has surely made me a childcare specialist forcing me to R & D whenever time permitted. Zillions of clicks, I have concluded that there is no right or wrong way to feed one's child. 

I reckon the following factors play a major role:

1. What works for the family, the child
2. Food category preferences
3. Location/Environment
4. Presentation of the meal itself

I recommend investing in a good High-Chair and a deep divided dish. At least, in my son's morning meals, it has worked successfully. Or maybe, I'm lucky. As a mother, we've all come across the balanced diet mantra and honestly, I do make an effort to stick to it. Sometimes, it fails.
So here are few tips and tricks;
1. Providing him a fruit, milk and some protein (egg, tofu, etc.) is a must in the morning.

2. It's okay to have junk or processed food once in a while. Certainly, not the end of the world.
3. I take the advantage of residing in a city. So I make sure that I give him food from all over the world - I haven't missed a chance in the last 3 years!

4. I have inculcated in him the habit of no wasting food. We should be fortunate as compared to those elsewhere. Agree?

I wouldn't want to keep this post with too much of writing. So, let's jump right into the breakfast ideas with self explanatory pictures.
DAY 1: Milk, Chicken noodles+butter, muskmelon, hard boil egg

Day 2: Sev/rice noodle, banana and Hard boiled egg with Oregano

Day 3: Kiwi with dusted sugar, hard boil egg and banana buns

Day 4: Tofu Scramble, mango and fried bread with cheese
Day 5: Sliced Banana, watermelon cubes, hard-boil egg & cereal with milk
Day 6: Idli Uppittu, hard boil egg, cheese, broccoli and mango

Day7: Chicken Frenk, Guava, blueberries and Dosa
Next week, 7 more breakfast ideas!
For those of you who are all ears and eyes, please check and subscribe to my videos on

Till then, happy feeding!
Pooja -Hriday's Mom :-)

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  • About Pooja.... she is a Business Management graduate from Mangalore. She has worked as an English Coach, Copy Editor and Finance Analyst. Presently, she is on a full-time mommy job, a Vlogger and a freelance transcriber.

    Besides pinning on the pinterest, she loves sewing, cooking and exploring kids friendly places. You can watch her videos on her YouTube channel here:


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In Review>>Mompreneurs Meet II

On 24th July, MomzSpace and MyBabyCart hosted the 'Mompreneurs MeetII' at Atta Galatta. This meet is to help the start-up mompreneurs and established to connect, share and support each other and form a healthy community. The vision of this meet is to build strong networking amongst well established mompreneurs as well as the aspiring Mompreneurs. 

In our previous meet our focus was Business Passion and Networking, while this time the meet was focused on 'Know Your Customer'. The meet kick started with the 1 minute introduction of all participants, followed by the interesting 'Know Your Customer Game'. The game helped us all to exchange our experiences with the customers and also to know each other better. The game played the role ice-breaker and took all the participants on the familiar alignment. 

After having the fun in the Game we had an informative session on how to know the personality of the customer by Dr. Shilpa Datar - Conferred the "Veda Brahma Award for Excellence in Innovation, 2012" for Swayam Personality Assessment, from AAPNA, USA.  Swayam Personality Assessment is an online psychometric test that deciphers the human mind-body combinations that each of us are made up of, and the results explain our personality composition in totality.

Dr Shilpa Datar
Sonesh Bhardwaj
With acquiring some of the gist of how to asses Customers' personality, we had an interactive Group Discussion with Sonesh Bhardwaj, Self-learned Hard Core Sales & Marketing person. Engineer by qualification but Sales & Marketing Trainer by profession. She drove the discussion with lot of energy and made it very interactive. She also gave us brief insight into online and digital marketing skills too. 
Deepti Mahesh - KydzAdda
Vidhi Raisinghania- Home Loving Oven
The meet ended with networking along with refreshments and snacks. We thank our sponsors Deepti Mahesh - Owner and Founder of KydzAdda - Unlimited Masti (on eof the biggest playzone for kids in Bangalore) who sponsored snacks and refreshments for the meet and Vidhi Raisighania - Home Baker at 'Loving Home Oven' who sponsored the sweet treats in our GoodyBags.

Thanks to all our speakers who took some timeout of thier busy schedule and helped our aspiring mompreneurs and established mompreneurs to 'Know their Customer' in a better way. 

Our special thanks to all enthusiastic mompreneurs -aspiring as well as established who attended the meet, and made the event a 'Big Hit'. 
-xoxo Nidhi@Moms' Me Space
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Watch Video>> Breastfeeding! What is Dad's Role in it?

In my previous post about dad's duty in diapering too, I had mentioned that dad cannot breastfeed so at least they can support in other task of which the new moms are worried about like laundry, food and diapering. 

For any new mum, a good support from family members and specially her partner plays the most important for hassle free and pleasant breastfeeding to your newborn child. 

There are N-number of things that a new dad can help even before the child is born. And you and your partner decide to breastfeed your little one, so now your better-half has to support you in every way to encourage you to breastfeed. 

Here is a beautiful video by Start Healthy Stay Healthy India (Nestle)


A successful breastfeeding depends on many factors, out of which your hubby (new dad) can help in couple of them and can make it easy for new mom. many of which you can help with. Below are few pointers for a new dad for his breastfeeding duty to help a nursing mom.  

1) Know more about Breastfeeding
Many birth centers, hospitals, obstetricians to offer breastfeeding classes, which they also encourage expectant fathers to attend it too. This is just to educate the new dad all about breastfeeding and it's do's and don't as the he would know about breastfeeding, more helpful he could be to the nursing mother.

2) Get the Breastfeeding Accesorries

Make sure your nursing room/baby room is well equipped with things required to support breastfeeding moms. Breastfeeding support accessories like few support pillows, recliner, breastfeeding pillow, burp cloths, sore nipple creame, nursing pads and so on. 

Also before buying it make sure you take your wife' opinion too. Also making breastfeeding tools available will not earn you brownie points. 

So make sure when she is struggling herself to reach out to Nipple creame for her sore nipples, you just unscrew it and give her ready to use, also when she lifts baby to feed in midnight support her by arranging the pillows and help her to get the way she would like it and align it for baby. Trust me she would appreciate you more than you would imagine.

3) Keep her fueled

Yes! most of the nursing moms do feel thirsty adn in my case hungry too. I remember my hubby use fuel me with fresh juice and soups in-between the feeding session. 

While keeping all quick snacks and water bottle at her reach  while your wifeis struggling to put your lo asleep by latching it again. It is also a quite a known fact that a nursing moms burn so many extra calories, which my leave a new mom low on energy. Make sure some quick snacks are handy to her (at her bedside table or near counter). 

This is an incredible service any husband can offer, I still cherish those moments spent with my hubby and I really appreciate him for making such efforts. I was given with home-made khakhra, porridge, milkshakes, atta laddos, bottle gaurd/spinach soups, lentil soups and muasambi juice. I still remember even during post midnight while I used to feed my lo, my hubby was simultaneously feed me with soups and other quick snacks.

3) Pamper her

Pamper her, as much as you can. Keep her away from stress. Adjust lighting  as per her sleep requirement. Put some good music (on I-pod of course, you would not want to disturb a sleeping baby) to make are relax and sane.

Also you can offer her a back/foot massage and make her feel stress free.  After doing these stuff frequently and freely am sure you'll be a HERO in you wife's eyes.

4) Listen to her

Yes! The new moms always wanted to be heard as after the child is born knowingly or unknowingly everyone's attention in family goes to the newborn and mothers do feel left out sometimes. So just like a best buddy you need to understand your wife at this stage and lend your ear to her, even though she just intend not talk love but just vent out! 

For a women when she becomes the life transforms with no time and leaving no space for new mom to accommodate that highly demanding (Both from the family, friends and oneself) candidature. You may equip her with all breastfeeding tools, fulltime maid, care takerr, babysitter but this is not enough to make her journey in motherhood smooth but at times listen to her and express your sympathy. 

Trust me, your support as a loving , caring husband would genuinely make difference. Your support may literally make the difference in helping mom overcome the challenges of nursing.

5) Ask her

Please , please do ask her when you are in confused state, like what rash creame to be used for the lo or how she would liek to have soup a steaming hot or room temperature. 

There is no harm in asking and then helping, because if you are in doubt ans pick the wring ones than you are actually not helping her but adding trouble to her. Also give her the remote control, he favourite books/magazines, I-pad etc.

This will help her keep her mother worries on relax mode. he will be sitting with the baby. Give her the remote control, her phone, a book, an iPad, etc. See to it that gadgets she uses are fully charged and books she loves are  reachable to her.

6) Do your diaper Duty
A lot of stuff is written by me on 'Dad's diapering Duty'. Please read it here and get the full insight to the Dad's diapering duty by follwing the pointers mentioned in my previous post.

I hope all you new dads or dad-to-be out there would find this write up helpful. Also a big shout at new moms to make dad read this article or give them a print out for the same. For some dads it comes naturally to take care of expectant and nursing moms but to some dads we moms need to take initiative and guide them.

Happy breastfeeding, healthy living!


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Top 10 Common Breastfeeding Myths

         BREASTFEEDING: A Winning Goal - For Life!
This year's WABA World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) theme asserts the importance of increasing and sustaining the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding - in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) countdown, and beyond. We call on all celebrants of WBW to Protect, Promote and Support Breastfeeding: it is a vital Life-Saving Goal! 

In the month of August my frequent post would be on tips and tricks on happy and pleasant breastfeeding as we will be celebrating the global initiative on breastfeeding awareness campaign. My first post for the is to clarify common doubts and stereo type notions all new moms have while breastfeeding. 

There are number of myths floating in and around the breastfeeding but I have picked the most common and listed it as Top Ten Common Breasfeeding Myths. I have tried my best to clarify each and every myth with research through reading books, ref to lactation expert and obstetrician. I hope it helps new moms and her family member to welcome breastfeeding in more pleasing and happy way than adding stress to their lives.
I hope that all new moms out there would read this article and educate themselves more on breastfeeding facts and raise a happy and healthy child.

Happy breastfeeding, healthy living!


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Turning 30, I am welcoming it with open arms

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While talking to my parents early this month of July, I just realised that 'I turning 30 this year'. Oh Emm Gee! Time flies like anything, I still love to be pampered just like any kid and will blush like any college going girl when given a compliment. But still the thought of turning 30 was lingering in my mind. Somehow I happen to speak to few of my mommy friends who are in their 30s and above, and they firmly said, "Nidhi, it's not that bad to be in 30s. But it's really good to be yours 30s. It's just like any teenager who wants to do anything and everything with lots of high spirits".
View from Cruise @Scotland

Like every year this time too Akshaye had made special plans for my Birthday. Like 2009 this again my celebration was in Goa. Last year we celebrated it in UK, quite celebration with family and a good old Buddy Sandy ( Sandeep Chawla). Argh! I still remember that though I was down with Sinuse still we had good funtime our Birthdays as Sandy's Birthday also falls in the same month.
Love her smile
But this time Akshaye's friend JP (newly married couple) also joined us in the trip. Unlike my previous trip, the climate was playing spoilsport, and so does the my little angel. As it was raining throughout, and cloudy Erishka use to sleep off by 5:30pm and would not open her eyes for once. So we ended up having my birthday dinner and wine in our room rather than enjoying poolside candlelight dinner. 
In action while singing rhymes at beach

After enjoying quite dinner (when i say quite means pin drop silence! as we did not wanted Erishka to wake up from sleep and be cranky), Akshaye had planned a surprise for me. Yes! you guessed it right , even i knew it was coming but only things is birthday girl would not know the time, it was yummy double chocolate with two beautiful tealights. I just cut the cake and was missing my lo to miss the Happy To To!!

And the very next day, me and my hubby were waiting for her to open her eyes. Once she woke up with beaming smile, once again we did our birthday cake-cutting ceremony. And it was more fun. She simply enjoyed cutting my birthday cake and enjoyed the chocolate rich flavour too.

The resort was awesome with giant pool bar surrounded with shacks and artificial beach sand. Apart from this the property's backyard door use to open to Candolim Beach. 

My B-day started with a bike ride at Brittos with my favourite beach and Baileys. While Erishka was playing with water waves with Akshaye I enjoyed sipping on the rocks baileys and also looking at the father-daughter having fun at the Beach.

 She also messed up the table with full of noodles and she did not wanted to come out of beach, so forcefully we had to bear with her messy act.

While we were enjoying the Goa Trip,  my parents had flew down to Bangalore to suprise me for my Birthday, unfortunately we had no clue about their unplanned trip. 
So we made arrangements for them to visit thier long awaited religious trip to Rameshwara and also quick visit to my aunt's house in Chennai. Once we wear back from the trip, they welcomed us in our very own Bangalore with warm greeting and a yummy homemade food by mom. 


With no time Erishka got familiar to them and one of the reason was not only the attractive gifts but my mom's child-like nature. She did take time to open up with my dad. But in later days she loved playing 'Where is the Ball' game with her Naanu. Yes she was overly pampered and spoiled by Naanu-Naani. But for me thing were not different, I was also enjoying being pampered.

I had all time fun-time with mom-dad during their stay of 10 days, I wish they could have stayed for long. They left on 23rd and I had an upcoming event 'Mompreneurs Meet II - Know your Customer' on 24th July 2014. Am glad that for the event the prep was being done from past 2 months, and the meet was the successful (Watch this space for detail post on Mompreneurs meet II).

The best part of the month of July was that my lo left the bottle-feeding. It was a real relief for me, thanks to my mom :-) Keep reading my posts will soon share on how did I managed to win the bottle battle?

In thirty years of my bumpy and adventurous life (oh! yes if you happen to know me mor e than being acquaint you will understand that my life is nevertheless than Drama Movie), I've learned that nothing replaces hard-work, follow your dream,be true to yourself and transparent with others small things gives happiness (one should cherish and respect every relationship, be it with your parents, spouse, friends or colleagues) and last but not the least 'Live and Let Live'. 

  -xoxo Nidhi@Moms' Me Space
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