Thursday, 28 August 2014

P.S. A happy mom raises a happy child

Heylos to all lovely moms there!  While talking to of my mommy friends, a thought came to my mind. It goes like way - we as  moms-to-be or new moms, tend to treat our body during pregnancy and post pregnancy with utter importance and take a lot of care. Likewise, in my case, I use to watch my health in a more careful manner when I was pregnant and even more till I breastfed my child. I also quit tea/coffee/soda and other junk food to ensure tht my little one has a healthy start. But the moment I stopped breastfeeding, I somehow, unknowingly, started ignoring my health.

When my LO was just 2.5 or so, it was very convenient for me to ignore myself by giving a mere excuse that I do not have any added support and have to take care of my LO all single handedly. Being in a nuclear family and also being Stay (Smart) at home mom, neither did I have the luxury of babysitting nor 24/7 maid in-line to help me.

Needless to say, the ever-supporting nature of my hubby kept me going. But in spite of him helping me in household chores and sharing other responsibilities of the house, there was something which was lacking in my life- the punk and the spark. 

Yes, I was not attending my friends’ calls again giving them the same lame excuse that I am busy with my little one. I refrained myself from shopping- thinking it’s very much time consuming, I use to ‘not dress up’ thinking that carrying a baby diaper bag and a breastfeeding cloak was more than enough. This was something which was bothering my hubby that I am losing myself, the real ‘Me - Nidhi’.

My recent post on baby blog of is on how to 'Be yourself' and keep sane after motherhood. I should personally thank my hubby to make me realise that I also posses an individual identity than just being tagged as 'Erishka's mom'. And yes his motivation and guidance from my mom helped me to gather myself (the real me) and enjoy the life just the way I use to before being mom. I have also shared few tips and tricks which worked for me to overcome the post partum phase with flying colours :-)

Quoting my mom from her experience, “It’s only you who can help yourself, you need to take care of your health and well-being. You will enjoy queen-like pampering till you are pregnant, but once you are a mom, no one will spoon feed you”. Read more>>

P.S. A happy :-) mom raises a happy  :-) child


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