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Watch Video>> Breastfeeding! What is Dad's Role in it?

In my previous post about dad's duty in diapering too, I had mentioned that dad cannot breastfeed so at least they can support in other task of which the new moms are worried about like laundry, food and diapering. 

For any new mum, a good support from family members and specially her partner plays the most important for hassle free and pleasant breastfeeding to your newborn child. 

There are N-number of things that a new dad can help even before the child is born. And you and your partner decide to breastfeed your little one, so now your better-half has to support you in every way to encourage you to breastfeed. 

Here is a beautiful video by Start Healthy Stay Healthy India (Nestle)


A successful breastfeeding depends on many factors, out of which your hubby (new dad) can help in couple of them and can make it easy for new mom. many of which you can help with. Below are few pointers for a new dad for his breastfeeding duty to help a nursing mom.  

1) Know more about Breastfeeding
Many birth centers, hospitals, obstetricians to offer breastfeeding classes, which they also encourage expectant fathers to attend it too. This is just to educate the new dad all about breastfeeding and it's do's and don't as the he would know about breastfeeding, more helpful he could be to the nursing mother.

2) Get the Breastfeeding Accesorries

Make sure your nursing room/baby room is well equipped with things required to support breastfeeding moms. Breastfeeding support accessories like few support pillows, recliner, breastfeeding pillow, burp cloths, sore nipple creame, nursing pads and so on. 

Also before buying it make sure you take your wife' opinion too. Also making breastfeeding tools available will not earn you brownie points. 

So make sure when she is struggling herself to reach out to Nipple creame for her sore nipples, you just unscrew it and give her ready to use, also when she lifts baby to feed in midnight support her by arranging the pillows and help her to get the way she would like it and align it for baby. Trust me she would appreciate you more than you would imagine.

3) Keep her fueled

Yes! most of the nursing moms do feel thirsty adn in my case hungry too. I remember my hubby use fuel me with fresh juice and soups in-between the feeding session. 

While keeping all quick snacks and water bottle at her reach  while your wifeis struggling to put your lo asleep by latching it again. It is also a quite a known fact that a nursing moms burn so many extra calories, which my leave a new mom low on energy. Make sure some quick snacks are handy to her (at her bedside table or near counter). 

This is an incredible service any husband can offer, I still cherish those moments spent with my hubby and I really appreciate him for making such efforts. I was given with home-made khakhra, porridge, milkshakes, atta laddos, bottle gaurd/spinach soups, lentil soups and muasambi juice. I still remember even during post midnight while I used to feed my lo, my hubby was simultaneously feed me with soups and other quick snacks.

3) Pamper her

Pamper her, as much as you can. Keep her away from stress. Adjust lighting  as per her sleep requirement. Put some good music (on I-pod of course, you would not want to disturb a sleeping baby) to make are relax and sane.

Also you can offer her a back/foot massage and make her feel stress free.  After doing these stuff frequently and freely am sure you'll be a HERO in you wife's eyes.

4) Listen to her

Yes! The new moms always wanted to be heard as after the child is born knowingly or unknowingly everyone's attention in family goes to the newborn and mothers do feel left out sometimes. So just like a best buddy you need to understand your wife at this stage and lend your ear to her, even though she just intend not talk love but just vent out! 

For a women when she becomes the life transforms with no time and leaving no space for new mom to accommodate that highly demanding (Both from the family, friends and oneself) candidature. You may equip her with all breastfeeding tools, fulltime maid, care takerr, babysitter but this is not enough to make her journey in motherhood smooth but at times listen to her and express your sympathy. 

Trust me, your support as a loving , caring husband would genuinely make difference. Your support may literally make the difference in helping mom overcome the challenges of nursing.

5) Ask her

Please , please do ask her when you are in confused state, like what rash creame to be used for the lo or how she would liek to have soup a steaming hot or room temperature. 

There is no harm in asking and then helping, because if you are in doubt ans pick the wring ones than you are actually not helping her but adding trouble to her. Also give her the remote control, he favourite books/magazines, I-pad etc.

This will help her keep her mother worries on relax mode. he will be sitting with the baby. Give her the remote control, her phone, a book, an iPad, etc. See to it that gadgets she uses are fully charged and books she loves are  reachable to her.

6) Do your diaper Duty
A lot of stuff is written by me on 'Dad's diapering Duty'. Please read it here and get the full insight to the Dad's diapering duty by follwing the pointers mentioned in my previous post.

I hope all you new dads or dad-to-be out there would find this write up helpful. Also a big shout at new moms to make dad read this article or give them a print out for the same. For some dads it comes naturally to take care of expectant and nursing moms but to some dads we moms need to take initiative and guide them.

Happy breastfeeding, healthy living!


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