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Turning 30, I am welcoming it with open arms

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While talking to my parents early this month of July, I just realised that 'I turning 30 this year'. Oh Emm Gee! Time flies like anything, I still love to be pampered just like any kid and will blush like any college going girl when given a compliment. But still the thought of turning 30 was lingering in my mind. Somehow I happen to speak to few of my mommy friends who are in their 30s and above, and they firmly said, "Nidhi, it's not that bad to be in 30s. But it's really good to be yours 30s. It's just like any teenager who wants to do anything and everything with lots of high spirits".
View from Cruise @Scotland

Like every year this time too Akshaye had made special plans for my Birthday. Like 2009 this again my celebration was in Goa. Last year we celebrated it in UK, quite celebration with family and a good old Buddy Sandy ( Sandeep Chawla). Argh! I still remember that though I was down with Sinuse still we had good funtime our Birthdays as Sandy's Birthday also falls in the same month.
Love her smile
But this time Akshaye's friend JP (newly married couple) also joined us in the trip. Unlike my previous trip, the climate was playing spoilsport, and so does the my little angel. As it was raining throughout, and cloudy Erishka use to sleep off by 5:30pm and would not open her eyes for once. So we ended up having my birthday dinner and wine in our room rather than enjoying poolside candlelight dinner. 
In action while singing rhymes at beach

After enjoying quite dinner (when i say quite means pin drop silence! as we did not wanted Erishka to wake up from sleep and be cranky), Akshaye had planned a surprise for me. Yes! you guessed it right , even i knew it was coming but only things is birthday girl would not know the time, it was yummy double chocolate with two beautiful tealights. I just cut the cake and was missing my lo to miss the Happy To To!!

And the very next day, me and my hubby were waiting for her to open her eyes. Once she woke up with beaming smile, once again we did our birthday cake-cutting ceremony. And it was more fun. She simply enjoyed cutting my birthday cake and enjoyed the chocolate rich flavour too.

The resort was awesome with giant pool bar surrounded with shacks and artificial beach sand. Apart from this the property's backyard door use to open to Candolim Beach. 

My B-day started with a bike ride at Brittos with my favourite beach and Baileys. While Erishka was playing with water waves with Akshaye I enjoyed sipping on the rocks baileys and also looking at the father-daughter having fun at the Beach.

 She also messed up the table with full of noodles and she did not wanted to come out of beach, so forcefully we had to bear with her messy act.

While we were enjoying the Goa Trip,  my parents had flew down to Bangalore to suprise me for my Birthday, unfortunately we had no clue about their unplanned trip. 
So we made arrangements for them to visit thier long awaited religious trip to Rameshwara and also quick visit to my aunt's house in Chennai. Once we wear back from the trip, they welcomed us in our very own Bangalore with warm greeting and a yummy homemade food by mom. 


With no time Erishka got familiar to them and one of the reason was not only the attractive gifts but my mom's child-like nature. She did take time to open up with my dad. But in later days she loved playing 'Where is the Ball' game with her Naanu. Yes she was overly pampered and spoiled by Naanu-Naani. But for me thing were not different, I was also enjoying being pampered.

I had all time fun-time with mom-dad during their stay of 10 days, I wish they could have stayed for long. They left on 23rd and I had an upcoming event 'Mompreneurs Meet II - Know your Customer' on 24th July 2014. Am glad that for the event the prep was being done from past 2 months, and the meet was the successful (Watch this space for detail post on Mompreneurs meet II).

The best part of the month of July was that my lo left the bottle-feeding. It was a real relief for me, thanks to my mom :-) Keep reading my posts will soon share on how did I managed to win the bottle battle?

In thirty years of my bumpy and adventurous life (oh! yes if you happen to know me mor e than being acquaint you will understand that my life is nevertheless than Drama Movie), I've learned that nothing replaces hard-work, follow your dream,be true to yourself and transparent with others small things gives happiness (one should cherish and respect every relationship, be it with your parents, spouse, friends or colleagues) and last but not the least 'Live and Let Live'. 

  -xoxo Nidhi@Moms' Me Space
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