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Weekly Breakfast Planner for Toddlers

I am really excited to have a new guest blog by one of my mommy friend (Pooja). I met Pooja on social media where we both were sharing healthy food options to give our little ones.  I loved watching her breakfast videos and so I invited her to write for my mommy friends and give them few ideas on planning weekly breakfast. 

I still remember when I spotted her video over YouTube featuring her son eating breakfast.  I could relate to what I was blogging about healthy food options for kids. We exchanged quite a few mails appreciating each others work and knowing each other and followed it with speaking on phone couple of times. 

Almost after 6 months we met accidentally at Moya's Play date at BumbleBees, Malleshwaram. We were observing each other, then immediately recognised and got the 'Aha, effect'. I shared with her that I see many less videos from her channel these days. But then, I was more than happy ;-) to know that she got a part-time job (Work From Home) and which leaves no space for her to create videos. I introduced her to my parents who also joined me and Erishka at Play Date. Then we did some chatting here and there, about kids and parenting. I really enjoyed  every bit of the conversation with her. 
Erishka eating puffed rice

So this time she has contributed her guest blog on healthy breakfast options and how to plan a weekly planner for toddlers. Some how we both feel that if we give many healthy options for our child at one meal, kids do explore, develop taste for varied ingredients and somewhat finish the plate than usual one item meal options. 

Here am not talking about all 'Chhappan bhog' which our moms and mils talk about', just basic few healthy things varied in taste, colour and texture will enable child to develop a healthy eating habits.

Ideas for healthy breakfast planner for toddlers
By Pooja-Kotian Mahesh Kudva
Are you one of those moms (working or not) who is most of the time contemplating and pondering on what to feed her toddler for breakfast? Let's face it, with those sleepy eyes, breakfast is a hard one to settle on, let alone accomplish because we can't deny that it is the most important meal of the day. 
Erishka enjoying her meal

I have put together a few pictures of my son's (who is 3+) breakfast dishes just to give you all busy moms some cue on how you can go about.

Neither am I a dietician nor am I a chef. But, having taken on the role of a mother has surely made me a childcare specialist forcing me to R & D whenever time permitted. Zillions of clicks, I have concluded that there is no right or wrong way to feed one's child. 

I reckon the following factors play a major role:

1. What works for the family, the child
2. Food category preferences
3. Location/Environment
4. Presentation of the meal itself

I recommend investing in a good High-Chair and a deep divided dish. At least, in my son's morning meals, it has worked successfully. Or maybe, I'm lucky. As a mother, we've all come across the balanced diet mantra and honestly, I do make an effort to stick to it. Sometimes, it fails.
So here are few tips and tricks;
1. Providing him a fruit, milk and some protein (egg, tofu, etc.) is a must in the morning.

2. It's okay to have junk or processed food once in a while. Certainly, not the end of the world.
3. I take the advantage of residing in a city. So I make sure that I give him food from all over the world - I haven't missed a chance in the last 3 years!

4. I have inculcated in him the habit of no wasting food. We should be fortunate as compared to those elsewhere. Agree?

I wouldn't want to keep this post with too much of writing. So, let's jump right into the breakfast ideas with self explanatory pictures.
DAY 1: Milk, Chicken noodles+butter, muskmelon, hard boil egg

Day 2: Sev/rice noodle, banana and Hard boiled egg with Oregano

Day 3: Kiwi with dusted sugar, hard boil egg and banana buns

Day 4: Tofu Scramble, mango and fried bread with cheese
Day 5: Sliced Banana, watermelon cubes, hard-boil egg & cereal with milk
Day 6: Idli Uppittu, hard boil egg, cheese, broccoli and mango

Day7: Chicken Frenk, Guava, blueberries and Dosa
Next week, 7 more breakfast ideas!
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Till then, happy feeding!
Pooja -Hriday's Mom :-)

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  • About Pooja.... she is a Business Management graduate from Mangalore. She has worked as an English Coach, Copy Editor and Finance Analyst. Presently, she is on a full-time mommy job, a Vlogger and a freelance transcriber.

    Besides pinning on the pinterest, she loves sewing, cooking and exploring kids friendly places. You can watch her videos on her YouTube channel here:


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