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Guest Blog>> #theFunBucketChallenge

Heylos to all lovely moms, in this festive season lets travel back to our childhood and relive our golden period. Our Guest blogger Debolina Coomar have written an awesome blog on our old #the FunBucketChallenge, trust me it's a must read for any mom who loves to be in 'Nostalgic Phase'.

Akkad Bakkad Bombay Bo – Our old #theFunBucketChallenge
(Some things you will not be able to pass on to your kids)
By Debolina Coomaar
In my last post, I had talked about how to have FUN being a mommy, I have sure many of you have started having fun. But have you taught your child how to have fun? The idea of fun has changed a lot over time. Fun now has a completely new connotation from how it used to be in our childhood. 
This is also I thought I will talk about us, about how we used to have fun as kids and why we cannot ask our kids to enjoy in the same way we did. You must be thinking why I am so held up about having fun in all my posts. Actually, I feel that is what is lost from our lives the most, that is what we are trying to find here and there, that is what can bring a ‘real’ smile back on our faces, that is what makes us a ‘kid’ with our child- an instant recipe to becoming a great mother, a friend and a mentor for life. 
I remember how ‘simple’ things used to be when I was a toddler or teenagers. I still recollect how much fun it used to be taking the first gush of rains on my face or how excited we were on Teachers Day to take a flower for our teachers or how amazing it was to watch Mahabharata every Sunday morning on TV.
Somehow these have faded with time, either they have changed in complexity or completely wiped out from people’s memories and lives. We, the kids of 80’s and 90’s were born to an era of Chitrahaar, name plated attachee school bags, Nutties and ‘muri logense’(Bengali) , candy cigarettes, baraf gola, Jhal Muri (Bengali), Uncle Chips, games like FLAMES, Stone Paper Scissor, being mad over MLTR or Boney M or the Didi by Khaled or Alisha Chinoy, Malgudi days on TV, a in geometry box or covering our new books with brown cover, writing with ink fountain pen in class, buying music cassettes or 10 pm was like too late for us and the list is endless...
We grew up with certain books, movies, ads, songs, people and things that were like intriguing for us in those times and have influenced us in some or the other way. With the #bookbucketchallenge in vogue today all over the social media, a manifestation from the famous Ice bucket challenge, I thought of penning down my own Fun Bucket Challenge from my childhood.
Here I list of few things which were fun to grow up with but probably will never to able to pass on to my kids:
  1. Books: I will always miss books like Famous 5 or Secret 7 to get totally thrilled over adventures or Mills and Boons series to spark that first concept of love, crush and something more in more minds. 

    I personally miss books like Thakumar Jhuli of tales from an old lady and Abol Tabol which were full of fantasy tales which used to take us to a world of fantasy. I am sure there must be many traditional books which each one of us miss from our childhood which were fun to read or listen to. Comics like Chacha Chaodhury or Pahntom or Champak are an epic history. Presently there are many similar types of tales now but probably our kids are not in awe as much as we did.

  1. Games: I miss games like Akkad Bakkad Bombay Bo, FLAMES, Name Place Animal Thing or Sun Moon etc. which were our favourite past time with friends or family. We used to take great interest in such paper, indoor or outdoor games which created curiosity and excitement when we played. 

    Now the notion of games have been revolutionised drastically. Our kids are probably interested in some different kinds of outdoor games or mobile application games like Angry Bird, Candy Crush and others. I am sure I will never be able to engage my daughter in Stone Paper Scissor ever in my life. This probably too silly for them!

  1. Television Shows: Weekends used to mean being hooked to television shows like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Chnadrakanta or Chitrahar. It was like an incentive to finish all our homework to be able to watch these epics or music shows. Hilarious shows like Zabaan Sambhal Ke or Dekh Bhai Dekh with subtle family comedy were our idea of fun. Today kids have easy access to television and can watch whatever they want. 

    Detective thrillers like Byomkesh Bakshi or family dramas like Hum Log used to enthrall us like anything. One of my favourite shows used to be ‘Chutti Chutti’ which was a kids show telecasted during our summer holidays. No serial or show of modern times could be as stimulating as those old times. I also miss old ads like Nirma, old Cadbury cricket match ad, Pan Parag and Lizzat papad.

  1. Cartoon: The world of animation was always been intoxicating for us as kids and also for our kids but there is surely a huge difference. Cartoon like Mowgli, Pingu, Henry and Denise the Menace were a like a foundation for the world of animation for us.

    Now animations have lost simplicity and classical charm. It has been globalised and more futuristic in nature which in a way is good but what can ever match “I am the Master of the Universe” from He-Man.

  1. Eatables: I guess I will never be able to relish a Gold Spot or Kishmi Bar ever in my life again. Some of the most non-exciting foods were the ‘most exciting’ part of our growing up days. 

    Mango Mood or a Nutties chocolates, a glass of Rasna, Rol-a-Cola, Fusen chewing gum with tattoo stickers, Swag or Pan Pasand or Chiclets or the not so branded baraf gola or muri masala was always as yummylicious as home-made food. I do not even have the patience to it of the new age food gamut, it is like too much!

  1. Festivals: Celebrating festivals was a different concept those days. Listening to ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ over and over again was divine, watching the Republic Day parade was a must and watching listening to the Mahalaya chants first hour in the morning was like a religion. Being a bong, I will talk about few things about festivals I used to enjoy and in what ways. 

    Durga puja for me was as fascinating as ever – being excited about the holidays a month before, buying and deciding dresses for every day every half, planning with friends for pandal hopping, waiting eagerly for the Mahalaya TV telecast and the list is endless. And when Pujas began, it was like a whole big family In Kolkata celebrating together. Going out with friends or family to pandals, pushing the crowd, riding ‘nagor dola’, munching phucchkas or late night rolls, buying silly toys from fairs, shooting balloons, taking part in ‘para’ events and what not. Similarly Saraswati puja was a big thing for us as students right from decorating the pandal, preparing for dance shows or skits, planning exhibitions, wearing ‘basanti’ (light yellow) coloured saree and it was like us organizing everything. Ratha Yatra was one more excitement for us- getting a new rath, decorating it all by ourself, putting idols, flowers and pulling on that day, distributing prasad, envying other bigger and better rathas was all part of it. Oh I miss all this so much!

Today I am miles away in Bangalore from my family and the city, but the spirit of the festivals touches me in a new way every time. I miss all those small happiness from my childhood and I am sure I will never be able to inculcate the energy and zeal in the same way to my child. She might never be excited to buy loads of new clothes for the Puja because she does not know when to wear, she might never to know what is Mahalaya because we have stopped watching due to our busy schedule, she will never know the sounds of ‘dhak’ because she will never hear them, she might not know the importance of ‘bisarjan’ as she will not see it. She might never know where her roots are!

So those are my list of things which gave my childhood a different charm to what it is today. But as the proverb goes ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ and the need of the hour is speed, globalization, automation, complexity and innovation, new set of things have replaced the old which in a way is good but our childhood was always ‘special’ in a different way. We as mothers have evolved and adapted with changing times but surely miss snippets from our childhood in our hearts.
I am sure many of you will have a similar list of things which made you ‘that’ special kid in your childhood or which you miss forever. I urge all reader of this piece to take the Fun Bucket Challenge, juggle your memories and scribble down those few things (in comments) which you never to able to pass on to your child. TRUST ME IT WILL BE FUN TAKING A WALK DOWN THE MEMORY LANE!

P.S. However one thing I have still kept with me is my longing to Tinkles Digest which I still subscribe and collect. I think I can pass this on to my daughter (if she is interested), have you got any such thing from your childhood? Tell us!


About Debolina: She is a firm believer of 'live & let live', she like to enjoy the tidbits of life as it comes by. As a person who enjoys reading and interacting with people, and also exciting to write about emotions, lifestyle, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. On career front, she is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. person and currently mother to a lovely 8 month old daughter and a freelancer creative writer. She strive to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective and shares her favourite quote (Walt Disney): "If you can dream it, you can do it."
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