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DIY: Car Theme Birthday Party

Devyani with her son Soham
Heylos to all lovely moms! Today we have new guest blogger on the blog. I know her since my childhood days , she happens to be my sister's school friend. Though many years have gone by, but I still can;t call her Devyani, somehow I can address with the name 'Dolly'. I am sure she is going to kill me for this ;-)

Besides being qualified in commerce stream, Devyani Luharuka is also a qualified Montessori teacher and trained in Calligraphy Handwriting in Advance level. 

From her school days she was quite popular as sincere student and doing art to perfection. Today she'll be sharing her tips for hosting a 'Disney inspired Car theme Birthday party' which she did single handedly for her 10 year old son Soham.

DIY: Car Theme Birthday Party
By Devyani Luharuka

Hi there girlies.... ya u read it right (hate myself to b referred to as ‘aunty’)                                   I am Devyani Luharuka from Bharuch Gujarat. I m Nidhi’s sister’s friend and hence have known Nidhi since when she was really really young ( known her nakhras & tantrums too..;)). I was really happy to get in touch with her after so many years. 
Always admired her zeal to think  out of the box and to do something unusual. Moving on to me, I m a mother of two boys aged 7 and 10 years respectively. But I m a very creative person by heart. My mother-in-law is a big help in my creativity. She doles out the ideas and I execute them. Also, I love to indulge my kids in things and activities which are out of t box. Hence, I started planning unusual birthday parties for them. Theme parties may b a rage in big cities like Banglore,etc, but in  towns like Bharuch, they r unheard of.

Today, I’ll share with you all a Disney inspired, ‘CARS THEME PARTY’, which I recently hosted for my 10 year old son Soham. P.S Every thing from the theme cake, snacks to desserts ann decoration is homemade. Here are a few pics for you all ...

Soham standing at the Entrance
Work-in-Progess: 'Narrow Road Ahead' Board at the Entrance


Made sweet treats with perk & gems
Home-made Road shape cake with edible cars: made from Chocolate cubes & gems
Top view of my Car theme cake: Road and racing cars

Car theme Table runner
Kids' Platter: French Fries, Fruit kabab cars, choco traffic signal, car cake and Chole-Bhatura
No U-Turn Board at the staircase
Racing track runner for way to Car theme snacks

Diversion Car theme banner pointing towards Entrance
Me and my Lo posing with Red CAR up-cycled  with two Dining Chairs
I hope my DIY Car Theme Birthday Celebrtion for my Lo may give yo some ideas to create something unique Birthday theme for your kids. Watch this space for more DIY Birthday theme for kids. 


-Devyani Luharuka

Thanks Devyani for sharing your creatives for Car theme Birthday Parties, am very sure all moms out there will be truely inspired. PS. Kudos to Devyani for putting up good show being in small town like Bharuch (Gujarat) I very much know how limited the resources are. Double Thumbs Up to your creativity and hard-work.


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