Wednesday, 10 September 2014

'Oh! So Stylish Moms'

These days am meeting all 'Oh! So Stylish Moms', and I really love moms who take few steps extra to look stylish and feel good. Being stylish has little or nothing to do with fashion critics who writes fashion rules for every year and for every damn season. For me being stylish means loving oneself, feel comfortable in what you wear and be composed and poise. In short anything which makes you feel good and presentable. 

Recently there is a massive paradigm shift in moms view towards dressing -up. These days it's not limited to just getting your hair coloured to cover grey, but adding to look unique, yet stylish. I am glad to see that moms are loving themselves more, giving time to themselves, and taking care of their health. And that is what make a mom look 'Stylish', more beautiful pumped with oodles of confidence. 

My recent blog 'Stay Stylish moms' for, is all about urban moms who loves to stay stylish. It firmly conveys the message that entering into motherhood does not mean end of fashion or style for any mom. Even after being mom, one can look stylish with few simple 'Tips and Tricks' kept in mind while doing shopping and dressing up.

Following the festive flavour, which has lot many celebration in-line like Navratri, Diwali, Durga Pooja and so on, I have written an elaborated blog on Tips and Tricks to be a 'Stylish Mom'. This will further help mom to pick right  stuff for themselves and be comfortable, feel good and stay stylish. 
A memorable click from 1st momzmeet @momzspacewith all stylish moms
I hope my style blog posts for moms at baby blog of MBC helps you all lovely looking moms to be 'in-style', 'in-comfort' and 'feel good'. Styling is all about being yourself, loving yourself and poise confidence.

 Yes! You are a mom, and yet stylish :-)


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